Mugi around the corner.

Sometimes I wonder what my place is in the fandom. On the one hand, I'm part of the teeming masses who actually like this show, thus making me somehow defective in the eyes of those who have something against moe, or prize individuality for individuality's sake. On the other hand, while I appreciate that Mio is amusing enough to watch, Tsumugi remains firmly in first place for me, leading to a certain disconnect when discussing the show with others.

So it goes.

In the meantime, I've been idly updating the TVTropes page for the series for lack of any other way to participate in this fandom-ness. The scanlations for the original 4-koma manga have been floating around for a while, so the broad strokes of the plot or lack thereof is already known, but there have been changes from the manga to the anime, which is inevitable considering the transition from one-shot gags to a full episode. It is in these changes where my wiki edits live, skulking in the shadows where they justly belong, lest they be shriveled into ash by the harsh light of canon scrutiny.

Among them is the ramping up of Mugi's yuri goggles, from merely seeing Something There That Was Not There Before between Mio and Yui, to a more general pairing off of any two female characters engaged in close interaction, regardless of context. One speculates that this is a girl who thoroughly enjoys romance novels and possibly manga, and a sizeable portion of her family fortune is dedicated to collecting such reading material. Considering the casualness with which she provides the apparently expensive silverware and tableware for the light music club, her book collection must be impressive indeed.

Yamanaka-sensei is substantially scarier in her Wild Mode here, compared to the manga, which is probably limited by the panel layouts. There's also the revelation of why she has a Wild Mode in the first place, which is not in the original manga, at least as far as I've seen. Despite her desire to be a Quiet Character, though, she does seem to be in very good shape. I think part of why I like the humour in shows like this is because the context may make the action-packed bits ridiculous and over-animated, but the scene itself, shorn of said context, is still pretty fun to watch, instead of merely cringe-inducing.

Tomorrow, either a rambling essay-type post (which does touch on all these K-On posts I seem to be making), or more Nanoha GamerS, depending on how motivated I feel.

One Response to “K-On 05 – The Legend Of Sawako Yamanaka”
  1. Jobrill says:

    Actually, I think Tsumugi's replaced Mio as my favorite girl, so you're not alone. Her eyebrows are… sort of cute, actually. And she a nice refined Oujo-sama mien that's complimented by a sense of curiousity and wonder that's impossible for me resist. Plus, she's so cute mooning over Sawa-chan. >_>