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Yes, I know.

Something went wrong again, and I think I've fixed the problem for now, but if the page is getting cut off halfway again, I'll have to start delving deeper into the issue.

At least I know it's not Post Teaser, since I haven't reactivated that plugin.

It's like this sort of thing happens whenever it would most inconvenience me. Very Murphy's Law.

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Mugi dreams.

Not that they actually did any of that. Or pumpkins, for that matter.

This week has been taken up mainly by Administrative Matters, as they apply in Real Life. In fact, this blog post is being written at this very moment while I am waiting to collect my brand new biometric passport, courtesy of the March Of Technological Progress and Singapore's place in it. There are about a hundred people ahead of me in the queue; this is likely to take a while.

In the meantime, I managed to get K-On episode 4 onto the Eee PC, and so that is what I shall be occupying myself with, keeping a watchful eye on the big board with numbers which May Not Be Called In Order, presumably to mess with our minds.

I'm a little surprised that Mio is able to get her hands on a working portable cassette tape player in this day and age. It does look like one of those old blocky ones without a CD function (but with auto-reverse, a luxury when I was little), so maybe I just need to take better care of mine.

I see that they've started with the Shiny Forehead jokes at Ritsu's expense. I have to admit that if it weren't for that, I wouldn't be able to tell Ritsu and Yui apart at a distance. This could be due to the art style, but then I'm horrible at recognizing people, even close friends, anyway.

When Mio was rummaging through her bag for her swimsuit, she kept bringing out the same two items (what looks like a small towel and a bottle of shampoo) in what is obviously a looped animation. It may say something about my current state of mind that I was going to say how this seems oddly lazy on the part of the animators, but got sidetracked by my brain automatically adding "datte hontou wa CRAZY".

I like the BGM for K-On, although it's nothing too special by anime standards (compared to, say, Card Captor Sakura). It's just the simple tunes and arrangements, possibly reminding me of Azumanga Daioh, although here I think they could be transplanted without attracting much notice into Lucky Star, and from Lucky Star to K-On. Also, the previous sentence was written while under the influence of the sorts of distractions and annoyances inherent in large waiting room crowds, if you were wondering about the coherency.

There's a lot of focus on Mio here, which will undoubtedly be of great interest to the majority of the Anglophone anime bloggers, at least from the reception Mio has received so far. I will say that Mio is interesting to watch in action, but my heart still belongs to Mugi-chan, and I have no idea why.

Yui and Ritsu act in unison a lot. I mean, my friends and I like to play along with each other when doing silly stuff (because youth is the best time to do silly stuff, before arthritis sets in), but the "moe moe kyun!" bit was uncannily well-timed.

Finally, if you can help it, don't watch anime on an Eee PC running off battery power. It's going to stutter pretty badly.

(If you were wondering, I wrote this while waiting, but only got around to posting it now. And no, my number was still not up by the time I finished.)

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