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Yui, flustered.

Kurogane compared the main characters of K-On to those of Lucky Star, which does rather fit, but to be honest the first comparison I thought of was Hidamari Sketch:

  • Yui – Yuno
  • Ritsu – Miyako
  • Mio – Sae
  • Tsumugi – Hiro

To be fair, the interactions don't exactly break down exactly as compared: Ritsu hangs out with Mio instead of Yui, Mio is a lot more honest to herself than Sae was, and Tsumugi is a bit more out-there compared to Hiro (in fact, she probably fits the least closely). I wouldn't say air-headed, but perhaps naive is a better word. (Or not.) "Inexperienced with the ways of the world" would probably be more accurate if it weren't too unwieldy a phrase, and if my brain ever emigrated from the gutter.

It's also telling that Tsumugi is invariably the last name mentioned in the listing of the four girls. We have Main Character Yui, and the boke-and-tsukkomi routine of Ritsu and Mio, which all leap to mind more readily than the Rich Talented Girl that is Tsumugi, whom one can't really feel jealous of, since she's so amazingly nice. (Of course, with my luck, she'll turn out to have some hidden nasty side or something. So it goes.)

It's also also telling that I've latched onto Tsumugi as my Favourite Character So Far, just as I did for Miyuki in Lucky Star. There Is Something Wrong With Me.

As for the actual episode itself, there is little to say. It does take an oddly long time for Yui to join the Light Music Club; I say "oddly" because I could be biased by knowing what the series is supposed to be about. We know that Yui's going to join up, and taking most of the episode for her to do so just feels like teasing the audience. Still, I enjoyed it, which is all I ask for in my entertainment. (Why did I enjoy it, you may ask? Please note the title of this blog.)

Finally, I have been accused of being a KyoAni fanboy. This is like accusing a beer-lover of being a Guinness fanboy; from an extremely stretched definition it is true, but it fails to address the main point: I am a moe fanboy, and it doesn't matter who draws the cute girls, as long as the cute girls are present. Thus, it is more proper to say that I am also a lolicon a KyoAni fanboy.

Also on my to-watch list, which is by no means the same as my to-follow list, are Asura Cryin (ghost in the mecha, or some strange bizarreness in that general direction), as well as the much-mocked Queen's Blade (containing copious amounts of breasts bosoms melons milk factories busts funbags knockers boobies jugs jubblies stonking great tits).

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