Hatsune Miku in a field of green.

Earth Hour has been accused of being a symbolic gesture and nothing more, and dark rumours have been bandied about regarding the actual net reduction in emissions, and whether Earth Hour is worse for the environment due to actions taken because of it, rather than during the event itself.

Of course, if I truly cared about the poorly-verified negative opinions of others, I wouldn't have begun a blog about moe.

Earth Hour 2009 begins on Saturday, the 28th of March, at 8:30 pm, or 2030h for less ambiguity. This is in local time, which brings to mind the image of a band of relative darkness traversing the globe. It lasts, as its name suggests, for an hour, and thus will end at 2130h, 9:30 pm. I have to be especially clear about this because you would not believe the kind of questions I get sometimes.

Apart from the obvious stated benefit of Reducing Carbon Emissions, even if only for a while, I'm taking the opportunity to spend some time chatting with my family, instead of all of us going off to our various personal entertainments. Since I'll have to talk to them for an hour, this is a good opportunity to learn how to enjoy the good bits of the conversation, and let the annoying bits slide.

Unlike other events highlighted on this blog, I'm not going to insist that you participate. Do it if you want to, but never mind if you don't. Spend the time talking to friends, family, and loved ones. Meditate. Go to sleep. Stargaze. Have a candlelight dinner. Read a book, also by candlelight. Make sure not to let the pages get too close to the flame.

I'm mainly posting about this to explain why I won't be working on a blog post tonight, as is my usual habit. That, and to post some vaguely nature-y pic.

One Response to “Earth Hour 2009”
  1. Clayton Barnett says:

    The Earth is big and old enough to take care of itself. I'll be celebrating , thank you.

    If I got the xhtml wrong, I apologize; I'm old and rarely sober.