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Felli failing to cook.

It has been several weeks since I've had the chance to sit down and watch anime, or even to keep up with anime news of any sort. I have been collecting episodes, much as that figurine you thought was such a bargain before you realized that you had no more space to put it collects dust. I am dimly aware, through the random osmosis of the anime blogging community and its associated aggregators, that various series (Clannad After Story, Toradora) have ended, and some (K-On) will be starting. The details will have to be left to others paying more attention than I have.

I have, however, managed to sneak in glimpses, furtively seen, of bits and pieces of episodes; never enough for a full digestion of the events therein, but sufficient to abate the hunger. Some Sora Kake here; a taste of Zettai Karen Children there. Occasionally I may dip into the gumbo of Maria Holic, steeped in strangeness and substances only legal by technicality. Haruhi-chan already comes in handy bite-sized chunks, and although it is enjoyably fluffy, it is correspondingly not quite filling.

As for Chrome Shelled Regios, what samplings I have partaken of have made me curious about the nature of this dish: on the one hand, it has the heavy hints of angsty backstories and circumstances that may border upon the bitterness of emo, along with a sour frisson of convoluted conspiracy plots. And yet, Regios also features liberal servings of comedy, super-deformed moments, and even moe. I am unsure if I can help myself to the funny bits, while carefully setting aside the emo bits like unwanted asparagus. I've always been a picky eater.

The show also has little to do, as such, with the preparation and consumption of food. I'm just overusing the culinary metaphors because I haven't had a proper meal all day, and so now I go to raid the kitchen.

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