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Sayo in full colour.

I still like Sayo Aisaka, even though she seems to have undergone some sort of… well, it's character progress, I suppose, except that I'm not entirely certain it's towards anything other than comedy. Nevertheless, we make do with what we have.

Negima is one of the few manga series I will buy the volumes of when I see them on the shelves. Specifically, the Del Rey translations, since I like it better than the various Singaporean translations (in English or Mandarin). It has a reputation of having something for everyone, or at least every male; my attraction to the series is entirely due to the cute girls. The action, I can skip.

Come to think of it, the perverted pantyshots and such I also skip. I think it's more that I really like seeing the fashions Akamatsu comes up with for the girls, and how good they look in them.

As with any series with a large cast, there are inevitably character rankings. I have been, and likely will always be, a fan of Nodoka Miyazaki, mostly because her character just clicks almost perfectly with my tastes. I'd appreciate it if she were a bit more assertive, but there's still time for that. The list after that gets murky, since I've not had the chance to go through the entire class (and beyond, for Anya's case), but I honestly don't think anyone is in a position to dethrone Nodoka.

If nothing else, she looks really cute in a White Mage outfit. That particular costume has not been animated in any detail yet, but hope springs eternal.

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