The girls of Lucky Star.

No, I don't have a girlfriend. No, I've never had a girlfriend. No, I'll likely never have a girlfriend. Yes, the balance of probability is that I'll live out the rest of my life alone and unloved, save for the escapist fantasies conjured up by my desperate mind.

That still doesn't mean that I can't wish other people a happy Valentine's Day. You don't have to spend lots of money, although I'm aware that's what retailers are hoping. I'm pretty sure that if it's a love worth having, then whoever it is you're with will be more than happy that you're simply spending time with them.

Meanwhile, I can enjoy the plethora of pics released for this occasion, like on every other. I don't mind that I'm alone on a day meant for couples, and I don't even mind that I dislike chocolate (give me vanilla every time), since it gives me a chance to ogle cute anime girls doing stuff. I'm easily satisfied like that.

8 Responses to “Valentine's Day 2009 – Obligatory Chocolate”
  1. Silverdragon15 says:

    Happy Valentine's Day, to us; the single otakus who just want more than the obligatory chocolate on this day.

  2. Hear, hear! (It is "hear, hear" and not "here, here", right?)

  3. ETERNAL says:

    Ah, thankfully I'm not the only pathetically lonely aniblogger out here! Or maybe there aren't many of us that care to admit it. Anyway, I had lots of fun searching the Valentine tag at Danbooru, and Clannad and Toradora continue to fulfill my romantic desires :3

  4. Silverdragon15 says:

    Yeah, that's right.

  5. 0utf0xZer0 says:

    A quick question for all you who don't think you have a chance. Why do you not think you have a chance? Is it because you think it's almost impossible to find girls who would accept your hobby, or are you just nervous about the effort and social situations finding such a girl would entail?

    For me personally, it's more the latter. I even know a real life meganekko who watches Toaru Majutsu no Index (although she's not big on moe in general), but I've never asked her out because I'm nervous and worry about the time and money output such an action would entail.

  6. Travis says:

    Myself, I don't think I've by any means given up or wouldn't have a chance, but I'd say I'm quite particular, and don't get out a lot. Especially now, I'm busy with a job as a software developer, exercising a lot, and looking for a house to buy. Additionally, looking for a female Christian anime fan is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. I don't think I'm going to find it at church, where everyone is either in high school (too young for me) or probably in their 30's (too old).

    I think a girl is the sort of thing worth going for. Having a good relationship with someone is very important. But if it's not available, it's also quite important to be able to build a life on one's own that one is satisfied with. I suppose I'll keep looking, but why bother trying too hard, either? Neither give up nor obsess about it.

  7. DKellis says:

    @0utf0xzer0: It's a variety of factors, for me.

    Most significant among them would be the effort inherent in actively finding a girlfriend. This is because all (and I mean all; I asked) my female acquaintances are already attached, so I'd have to look further afield.

    I also doubt any Normal Person would be able to tolerate my frankly creepy obsession with anime and gaming. I'm not willing to give that up, since my personality would make me find something else to fixate upon. I don't think it's the subject matter as much as the degree of fannishness.

    Plus I don't exactly have a steady job, so I can't provide for a potential family, meaning that any relationships I enter will most likely be not serious, and I cannot expect any girl to put up with that, in all fairness.

    Nevertheless, Hope Springs Eternal.

  8. CCX says:

    Ah, yes, the lonely otakus are we…