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The past few weeks have been somewhat bland on posting, largely because of the beast known as Real Life. Presentations are horrible things to inflict on the easily-nervous.

Rein's mental capacity.

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5 Responses to “Nanoha GamerS XXXI – And Zafira”
  1. al103 says:


  2. …and Rein II was a zombie.

    What? Wrong meme?

  3. Silverdragon15 says:

    @WillyFourEyes: Yeah, wrong meme.

    Memes? Who worries about memes, desu?
    Zafira may have been ignored, but that means he's gets free shows.
    …I can't think of anything not perverted about the comments of the rookies…Hur hur.

  4. that lucky dog.. LOL!!

  5. ZeldaTheSwordsman says:

    A reference to "And Zoidberg" (a repeated phrase in Futurama), in case nobody gets it.