Mikuru and Miyuki.

Where's My Cow?

Is That My Cow?

It Goes "Mooeee!"

It Is An Otaku!

That Is Not My Cow!

4 Responses to “Standard Chinese New Year Post”
  1. Shay says:

    XD That's awesome. Mikuru and Miyuki in moe cow costumes.

    I do love the reference to Samuel Vimes and his lovely night-time ritual with his son… and his own version which Sybil shot down.

    "Where's My Cow?
    Is That My Cow?
    It Goes 'Buggrit! Millenium Hand And Shrimp!'
    It Is Foul Ol' Ron!
    That Is Not My Cow!"

  2. Silverdragon15 says:

    I guess the question really is, "what is PG rated"?
    Happy Chinese New Year…No matter how much of an obligation it happens to be.

  3. rangerroh says:

    Love the pic with Mikuru and Miyuki in the cow costume. Happy Chinese new year!

  4. G-SANtos says:

    Miyuki is from which anime?