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Mikuru and Miyuki.

Where's My Cow?

Is That My Cow?

It Goes "Mooeee!"

It Is An Otaku!

That Is Not My Cow!

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Leopard and Akiha.

Like most sci-fi anime which deals with Adventures In Space!, Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo is set towards the softer side of the science, while still retaining a healthy dosage of technobabble, such that I am unable to follow more than the absolute basics without some sort of Cliff's Notes. There are lengthy expositions on how the Great Big Cannon (possibly needing spheres of metal to function) is symbolically Large and Powerful, while not one line is uttered regarding sound in space.

And that's all right, since Hard Science Fiction is often too unyielding for my squishy brain to process, made much squishier by the inevitable fatigue state I am in when I get around to watching my anime. I'm not looking for hard science; I just want entertainment. Later I may wax sesquipedalian about the holes in the theories, especially if the series interests me enough to write fanfic about it, but that's another blog post.

Of course, I'm watching this only because I gravitate towards any anime with a healthy dosage of humour and cute girls. The sci-fi genre is a nice bonus, as I let my brain skim over any new concepts the anime sees fit to implement. Most of these serve little functional purpose, save to advance the plot, or provide a means for character development of some sort.

Having said all that, I'm almost certain that Leopard's campy antics and all the phallic imagery is at least somewhat intentional. Trying to find a suitable title for this post proved more difficult than I expected, due to a surfeit of options, none of which are remotely suitable for a PG-rated blog.

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