Konata logs onto her MMO.

Because I have nothing remotely resembling a social life, I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself fighting snow monsters and rescuing disturbing infants.

7 Responses to “What I Did On My Holidays”
  1. ZeroIchiNi says:

    Don't blame you, I had just as worst.

    bad oven pizza for breakfast and been playing Sonic Unleashed

  2. GreyDuck says:

    Thanks to the lousy weather in the Portland Metro Area, my evening has been spent running Numina to get my Fire/Dev Blaster up to 36. Whee. Gods, this has been a lousy month year…

  3. 0rion says:

    What's that?! Playing MMOs doesn't count as having a social life? =o

  4. Silverdragon15 says:

    Hey…that looks similar to what I did. Except I was chasing a snowman around.

  5. ETERNAL says:

    I played Sonic Unleashed on Christmas Day (not as bad a game as some would have you believe), but my Christmas Eve was mainly spent online. Internet socializing has to count for something, right? >_>

  6. Keroko says:

    No different from what I did, and I have a social life. Most of my friends were off doing things with their family though, and the rest of my friends just kicked back and relaxed. Which is what I did as well.

    I see them often enough anyway, I don't see why I have to be with them on Christmas as well. We all met in Azeroth later that night to wish eachother a merry Christmas.

  7. Rakuen says:

    All I did on Christmas was play Grand Chase. Damn event.

    Hey, MMO playing counts as a social life, I scored a girl on one or two.