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From the H-game Kon Neko.

I didn't really take notice of the ruling on cartoon depictions of questionable acts involving underage characters, mainly because we had just encountered another one a few months prior, and that's still going on.

In any case, I really only noticed it after Neil Gaiman pointed out that the ruling, at least as described in the article, would give fictional characters the same rights as Real Life human beings, a situation shared by the average corporation. (Yes, I know about the differences between the concept of a Legal/Juristic Person and a Human Being. Still doesn't make it any less amusing.)

No longer can we maim, murder, and otherwise mutilate our fictional creations, which is one reason why I'm not too concerned over this, since the bizarre precedent is likely to get overturned in (relatively) short order. In the meantime, the possibilities are endless. Apart from the obvious link back to a familiar issue, of course.

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