So I managed to get my scanner working again, and tested it out on a random 4-koma from Lucky Star, manga volume 5, Chinese translation.

Konata meets her voice.

Blind Idiot Translation follows:

[Panel 1]
Box: Random cafe/coffee shop
Text over Konata's head: Last time when I ate a chocolate cornet…
Text over Hiyori's head: That happens a lot~ But nowadays, there's a lot of ways to stop the chocolate from dripping…
Arrow: Hirano-san

[Panel 2]
Konata: Ah! It's Hirano Aya-san! Awesome! It's really her!
Hiyori: It's Haruhi's voice actress!

[Panel 3]
Arrow: Hirano-san
Tiny word at top: Ah…
Tiny words at side: Bite… bite…
Effect: Pull~

[Panel 4]
Konata: Right, right! This sort of thing will happen!
Hiyori: Thank you for giving us this material (in every way)!

The layers of references here boggle the mind.

2 Responses to “To Eat A Choco Cornet”
  1. Aanusha says:

    Aww..!I keep checking out this place for my favourite CCS episode summaries, but it seems they are never going to come. DK, have you stopped writing them or something? I used to love your blog because of them………… waahhh!!!

  2. Silverdragon15 says:

    Did you translate it yourself? Awesome!