Sally Reed is dead.

As a heads-up, I feel obliged to remind everyone with literary aspirations (and pretensions) of National Novel Writing Month. This is largely because I shall be participating (again), which implies a change in the posting regularity (or lack thereof) of this blog.

This year, I will be writing about a girl (pictured above, as run through 3D Custom Girl; I don't think I used any custom parts, but you'll probably have to update to SP2r1 if you want the linked character save file) who gains special powers and has to interact with her male childhood friend, who's a non-threatening and wimpy sort. There will be other girls present, and they will not be all that impressed with the guy at first, but they will soon accept him as a friend. There will be a highly implausible uberplot behind it, involving lots of magic and goofy tricksters with dark pasts and darker ambitions.

Let the deluge of cliches wash over you. Let it pass over and through you; when it is gone, only you will remain.

This is not the first year I've encountered a certain problem inherent in my story idea: despite the cliche-storm it is (always easiest to copy existing plots when going for quantity, as I've discovered over previous NaNoWriMos), I can't seem to classify it neatly in one of the provided genres on the NaNo forums. I don't have to, but when someone asks me "so what's your NaNo about?" I find myself at a loss.

So we have magic, which would make it Fantasy. It's set in the present day, which shifts it into the subset of Urban Fantasy. The magic is important, but it's more a means to an end than the theme of the story, akin to the mysterious hyperspace mallets that Akane popularized (at least among the Western fandom) from Ranma 1/2: it's there and it's used, but nobody really cares about how it works, and life would go on just the same without it, albeit probably with less collateral damage.

There is a smidgen of Romance, it being a harem comedy, but I've already decided that the guy will not get any of the girls, and he's not even going to try, especially since all the girls will have blasted him magically at one point or another in the story. Emphasis on comedy, not so much on romance.

It will be Humourous (or at least I will try), but that's just the way I write, and it's certainly not going to be a Parody or Satire. No, not even of the harem comedy generic plot; I actually like it too much to deconstruct it more than a token amount.

The whole thing, as generic though it may be in the world of anime, doesn't seem to have a suitable equivalent genre in the "normal" world. I can say "Magical Girl Harem Comedy", but I'm not sure where such a thing will fit on the hypothetical bookshelves. Actually, I'm sure it'll be tossed into the "SF&F" section fairly quickly, but still.

This may all be filed under Idle Musings anyway. My real worry is that during the month of November, I will spend far too much time making characters in 3D Custom Girl than writing about them.

That, or I'll be thoroughly irradiated.

4 Responses to “NaNoWriMo 2008 – Fair Warning”
  1. ETERNAL says:

    Good luck with the story, hope it goes well. I was thinking of participating as well (this year being my first), but I kinda wound up starting already…

  2. Peter S says:

    Good luck! I've done it for several years, but don't know if I'll participate this time. Though I would miss the boards.

  3. NyaChan says:

    :D More NaNoWriMoists. At least I can say you're not the only one having problems categorizing their NaNo this year. First year was Fantasy, Last year was Sci-Fi, but this year…? :/ I put mine under Lit. Fiction since it's dealing with characters more then plot… but at least we can change it later.