3D Custom Girl, version Ivey.

I've picked up 3D Custom Girl from somewhere (don't ask me where, I really haven't a clue; that DVD had been sitting forgotten in my collection for who knows how long), and on a whim, I decided to install it to see what it's like.

The basic idea is that you get to dress up a faux-3D anime-style girl (with limited variation in body shape, sadly) in various clothes, starting from a base of no clothes at all. After you're done (or if you want to just jump straight into it, I suppose), you can boink her. Supposedly the main appeal here is the cosplay boinking, although I have my suspicions about that.

This is because I have yet to even really explore the boinking parts of the game, apart from clicking on the icons and going "oh, so that's what those are", and then ignoring them for more important decisions: loose or ponytail?

To me, this isn't so much a game as a dress-up doll simulator. The idea of "so after you're done, you can boink her" feels somehow tacky, like the embarrassing end of a quest that everyone would rather not talk about. But I started at nine pm trying to decide what hairstyle to give the girl, and when I looked up again it was four in the morning, and I hadn't even finished with the costume yet.

I don't even care much about fashion in Real Life, with a closet full of near-identical plain black or dark blue shirts. And my sister's Barbie dolls held no fascination for me, mainly because the possibilities inherent in Lego blocks seemed so much more boundless.

But set me in front of something like 3D Custom Girl and give me a wide enough (and anime-esque enough) selection of impossibly cool clothes to create anything I like, and I will spend hours happily trying to replicate various original characters of mine. (The title image is the closest I can get to my Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Original Character Ivey de Lorien. Still needs tweaking.) All the (allegedly) erotic squeaks and yelps when you (accidentally) click on any part of the model's body just seem like a distraction: "stop twitching, girl! I'm trying to design here!"

Tangentially, this is a large part of why I'm still playing City of Heroes/Villains. It still surprises me that over four years after the game has come out, character creation in most other MMORPGs still seems so limited.

9 Responses to “3D Moe”
  1. Rakuen says:

    Oh cool! I gotta try this.

    Now, to find a cd…

  2. Lysander says:

    I actually had a chance to check this out as well, and I must say that any fans of the 3D 'boinking' sims are probably going to be really disappointed here. The interactivity between you and the 3D girl is practically nonexistent and so those fans who dig the adult aspects here would probably be more at home with the newest installment of the AG series Artificial Girl 3.

    That being said, the customization here is amazing, though there still are a few things I'd like to see including a colour wheel to change colours to anything you wish (I'm not really sure why there isn't one, it makes no sense to me) and a few options for voices, personality types, altering specific structural elements like jawline and butt size and giving a girl less than a C cup… All in all they did very well, and it's actually really entertaining trying to rebuild your favourite anime girls (which is I'm sure the real draw for this). Good for a few days of entertainment for the hardcore otaku, but probably not much value to anyone else.

  3. ETERNAL says:

    Heh, looks more fun than character creation in Soul Calibur ;P

  4. Qwerty says:

    Your idea might go great with fan-made animes, if only it existed. It'd be fun to customize ribbons, leggings, skirts, pants, shirts, hairclip, hair styles, shoes, socks, eye color, bust si- err… anyway, you get the idea.

  5. asdfghjkl says:

    haha funny post dude ;D

  6. elmer__fudd says:

    3D Custom Girl how to do a screenshots

  7. Leave says:

    Nobody says something about the H-mode and all the mods? >:3

  8. DokEnkephalin says:

    It's pretty cute, and I like the quality of the models and the cel-shader visual style. But it won't stay interesting as long as Artificial Girl 3 because of the range of customization, the interactivity, the secrets that can be discovered, and because AG3 can have 5 girls active at once, the various permutations of whole household dynamics.

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