Chacha in Phoenix Sword pose.

It's not entirely clear how old Chacha is: she seems to have the mental age and education level of a seven-year old, but her class also consists of Shiine, who's a lot smarter, and Riiya, who's… not. Marine the mermaid looks fourteen, and while she's in a different class, she seemed to have expected to get put in the same class as Riiya. I suppose "seven" is a good guesstimate.

Which makes it seem all the more wrong to keep thinking that Magical Princess Holy-Up is amazingly, incredibly hot, especially if this is what Chacha would actually look like grown up. The existence in the cultural consciousness of the Hikaru Genji Plan does not help matters.

I might go into Akazukin Chacha in a bit more detail if the mood strikes me, or perhaps a rambling on nostalgic anime in general, since the trigger which got me rewatching this was listening to the opening for Goldfish Warning. Several years and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha later, I still have a soft squishy spot in my already-mushy heart for brightly-coloured magical girl anime. I know Goldfish Warning isn't a magical girl anime per se, but after Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, I can't help but look at Wapiko and the titular goldfish without thinking "… Unison Device?"

One Response to “Is This Still Loli”
  1. Balorn says:

    Wapiko as a unison device… I think you just broke my brain.

    I was going to comment about something else, but that last bit completely threw me off, and I forgot what it was.