From Nanatsuiro Drops.

I've been spending my time recently cleaning up my computer to hopefully forestall the inevitable complete FUBAR that happens quite consistently every year or so. I'm not due for another one until next year, but preventation is allegedly better than the cure and all that. Incidentally, this is one reason why I've not been updating as often, since it's hard to wax humourous about anime when even being at the computer sends me into guilt trips on what I Should Be Doing with regards to defragging or whatnot.

One of the annoying parts of this is that I had set my Non-Unicode Language option to Japanese. (If anyone's wondering and if it matters, I'm running WinXP Home. I update only when that little popup balloon tells me to.) This is necessary to play my various visual novels collected over many years, since for the most part they're not translated into English (fan patches or otherwise). This, apparently, plays utter havoc with the various Deep Applications needed for, say, my (nVidia) video card, my (Lexmark) printer, or my (Nero) DVD-burning. The details and long, involved, and arcane; I do not fully understand it myself. But suffice to say, I have been trying to convince various applications that I am not in Japan, and I am not in the US. Instead, I am in Singapore, and regional restrictions are my bane.

This entire post was prompted after the fourth system restart necessary when switching to Non-Unicode Japanese to Non-Unicode English (US) and back. This is what I have to deal with, people.

2 Responses to “Do You Speak The English”
  1. 0utf0xZer0 says:

    I think I actually had to uninstall Applocale to get the Nero installer to stop launching in Japanese when updating one time. That program has some odd quirks.

  2. Baughn says:

    I much prefer using applocale to make appropriate shortcuts.
    Yes, that means popping up a dialog box each and every time, but I consider that a survivable sacrifice for having a functional system.