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A shorter update this time.

Of course, we're going with Rin. If it helps, I might do a few other run-throughs next time to showcase the other characters, assuming I don't forget about this in the near future and lose all interest.


Rin returns home from a tiring day.


She has trouble remembering that there's a guy living in the house now.

Krile and Azu come along for no reason whatsoever, and Azu says something about how All Men Are Perverts, which sets off Rin's mild androphobia again. She calms down quite quickly, though, especially after Shizuma tells her that Azu is Full Of It.


Rin takes the chance to apologize for the morning's incident (when she turned up in her pajamas), explaining that she's not a morning person. There's probably some sort of culturally-subtle politeness thing in action here, since she's a lot more contrite about it than I'd expect. Shizuma also wonders about this, since "it's only pajamas anyway, it's not that big a deal".

Later (I think), Shizuma is watching the news or something (I think).


Rin shows up in her pajamas, again. She looks fairly calm at first, but her voice is obviously nervous and forced-cheerful. Shizuma kindly excuses himself, just as Rin's facade cracks and she goes swirly-eyed again.

Looks like that's all for the Rin option. The next day:


Shizuma gets roped back to helping out at the school library. Being an eight-to-one ratio between girls and guys, Shizuma comments that it's something like a harem, before dismissing it as irrelevant.

I think this is considered an example of irony.

Shizuma ponders his situation, which has something about how his class's guys are doing something and the girls are doing something else, and it's based on their strengths and interests, and I really have no idea what it's all about, except that Shizuma is the only guy in his class in the Library Club. (Or at least helping out the Library Club; I'm not sure if he's a formal member yet.)

Krile reluctantly advises that he's free to quit if he doesn't want to do it, and Shizuma assures her (stretching the truth, methinks) that he's entirely happy to help out, since he likes books.


New character, sort of. Haruna Tachikawa, another second-year student (ie Shizuma's upperclassman, and the same grade as Krile). She speaks hesitantly and shyly, which is saying something in a cast including Krile and Rin.

Since she doesn't get a different-coloured font for her dialogue, she's probably a minor side character in Krile's route (which we're not going through this play-through). She's in a different class from Krile (the Normal course, rather than Magical course), but also a member of the Library Club.

Did I mention that she speaks hesitantly and shyly? Lots of stammering and nervous pauses. It gets a bit irritating after a while. Considering that it's me being irritated, you should be able to extrapolate the intense degree of this shyness.

After the conversation plays out to its inevitable apology-filled conclusion, we get a quickfade scene cut back home, dinnertime tea.


Makina asks Shizuma about his decision involving club activities. Shizuma's options are Makina's Sofiroth club, Krile's Library (actually Literature, according to the kanji) club, Phil's Soccer club, Toukichirou's Handicrafts (sewing and suchlike) club…


… and Yukina's and Tita's "going home club", ie no club. To be fair (according to Shizuma), Yukina's Home Economics (at home) and gardening hobby takes up most of her free time anyway.


I'm not sure what Tita's excuse is. Student Council, I think. Isn't that considered a club as well, or am I applying the wrong education system convention to it?

Shizuma says that he doesn't really have a lot of free time himself, since he's helping out with the Library Club. (Then hasn't your decision already been made for you?) Makina protests that it's only once a week, and Exercise is Good For You.

Shizuma: I'll leave the exercising to you and Phil.


Makina: Ah, I have a great idea! Why not become the Sofiroth team manager? In other words, my manager!
Shizuma: I don't think a first-year high school student can be the manager.
Makina: … oh, right.

What, Makina.

Yukina joins in the conversation to add that everyone in the Tomoe family is Awesome at Sports. Some trivia to keep in mind, maybe. She also adds something about leaving Makina to her own devices (I think), upon which Makina cries about the loss of her post-training bento lunches.


Like so.

Yukina: Ah well, since I'm going to cheer you on [during your training] anyway, I might as well make your lunches for you.
Makina: Yay! ^_____^ Yuki-chan, I love you!


Azu: Hah! I only care about Krile and Yuria-san. Lesbians, clumsy idiots, and guys I have no use for!
Shizuma: … no use?
Makina: It's true that Shizuma's kind of useless… wait, who're you calling a lesbian!?

Relevant trope.

Azu: Then stop going all mushy love with Yukina!
Yukina: It's all right. After all, we're twins.
Makina: That's right! Nobody else can understand the feelings we have for each other, right?

Relevant trope.


Well that was quick.

If you've been wondering, the text indicates that it's the second week of April. The pictures are random.

Shizuma looks for a place to eat lunch. Usually he has bento by Yuria and Yukina, but for some reason I didn't catch, this is not the case today.

The school cafeteria turns out to be quite impressive (really, it looks great; expensive, but great), and Phil turns up from out of nowhere to extol its virtues and give it a nickname.


"Wow, that's… so untrue."

Yukina: Phil's kind of interesting, isn't he?
Phil: Ahahaha… that's just the way I am, Yukina-san. Only you know the true me-

Upon which Makina hits him. Quite hard.

Makina: Don't touch Yuki.

Some more Banter occurs, including Toukichirou showing up (as usual for this game, from out of nowhere) to comment on how weak Phil is. Phil gives him a stupid nickname, Shizuma goes through yet more internal narration on various stuff that don't really matter, and I skip through it because I'm almost sure that it's just filler text. It does mention that Toukichirou gets a nickname of "Fuji", from an alternate reading of the first kanji of his given name. Since it's easier to spell, I'll be using it too.


Tita is eating in her class with her classmates. Makina comments on how "tsurenai" ("cold"? I dunno) that is, and Yukina says that Makina should make some friends in her own class (1-E) instead of coming over to 1-A all the time.


Like her. This is Mary Kelly (or possibly Marie Kelly), also a member of Makina's Sofiroth team. She immediately recognizes Yukina, and looks around for Shizuma, presumably because Makina keeps talking about them. After other introductions are made in their inimitable style (Phil flirts, Fuji mumbles, Shizuma snarks), Mary quietly informs Makina that she has really weird friends. Makina, for her part, makes a puzzled sound with her mouth full.


Choice time again. From top to bottom: Dining Room (at home), School Cafe, School Entrance, and Other:


School Library, Shopping District, and Other (back to the previous choices).

- Dining Room has Makina being sleepy at the dinner table. Then it switches to school again, with Makina being energetic as usual.
- School Cafe has Yukina and Tita tasting the cafeteria food. Tita leaves soon enough, although not without a parting shot at Shizuma. The conversation with Yukina is fairly Tita-centric.
- School Entrance has Shizuma offering to help Tita with something or other. There's mention that Shizuma looks like someone Tita knows.
- School Library obviously has Krile and Haruna.
- Shopping District has Rin doing some shopping (in her waitress uniform).

Right now, I personally prefer Rin, and since we chose her route previously, I'd like to keep at it (since I'd rather not finish with a generic "life goes on" Normal End). After that, gut preferences would go in order of Yukina (who's strangely compelling), Makina, Krile (who's not so bad herself, but Azu sets my nerves on edge), and finally Tita, who has two strikes against her: firstly, I don't like the standard tsundere archetype. Secondly, and much more importantly, Tita is very hard to understand, since she keeps talking in complicated kanji with a "high-class" ojou-sama speech pattern.

In other words, if you want me to veer away from a Rin route, you're going to have to be very convincing. And despite the apparent popularity of the tsundere archetype, the only way I'll be going Tita's route is if I get a full English translation, whether in text or patch.

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