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But I have this blog entry to do.

When last we left off, our protagonist Shizuma had been accused of a Humourously Embarrassing Peeping Incident, involving what is obviously the tsundere option Tita Flawless Brandt. A d2 flip made my choice for me: Shizuma tells all.

So it goes.


After the revelations, the twins tag-team Tita into the closest thing a tsundere can get to submission, pretty much clearing Shizuma of most wrongdoing ("he didn't mean it, and you've slapped him already, so why are you still so angry?"), and even guilt-tripping Tita by mentioning that Shizuma doesn't have anywhere else to stay.

It gets a bit uncomfortable after a while, especially for Tita, since the twins keep bringing up stuff about how nice Shizuma is, while Shizuma mentally expresses doubt and suspicion at this sudden turn of events. Such defense this early in the game must come at a later price.


Tita relents on her original towering fury. A bit later, she demands a formal introduction from Shizuma, and is surprised when Shizuma mentions that he'll be transferring to Shousei (the school). Shizuma makes some sort of minor faux pas (I don't know the details), and Tita uses that as a jumping point for yet another criticism of Shizuma's hair.

I think the guy needs to shave his head or something.

Tita leaves "in a huff", and Shizuma elaborates on the accidental peeping incident to Makina, who insists on assuming the worst case scenario (albeit with glee).


Yuria takes the news calmly. The Unflappable Motherly Type has to be a renai game trope by now.

If you're wondering, I looked at the dialogue for the "stay quiet" choice. In that branch, Tita refused to elaborate on the peeping incident, but Makina guesses scarily accurately, and then everything continues much the same. I'm guessing that it's a flag option, although whether this is for or against a given character I cannot say.

There's mention that Tita has been friends with the Tomoe twins for "a long time".


"Not quite friends, but more like self-declared rivals."

Yukina says something about test scores and how Makina (and maybe Tita?) seem intimidated by hers.


I don't quite understand this.


Or this.

I screenshot these mainly because I'm almost certain that they're significant in some way regarding the school, in terms of how the grades work.


Shizuma narrates something about Shousei. I think he's saying that it's an ultra-elite school or some such, for academic, physical, and magical courses.


I haven't a clue.

All this commentary about how Elite the school is feels a little bizarre, considering that Shizuma managed to transfer there himself. The twins point this out, with Makina mentioning that she got in through a sports scholarship, and is taking the PE course. Yukina and Tita were admitted to the Academic (futsu, "normal") course.


First mention of Krile (Shikishima), whose romanization we only know through the opening movie, since it's "KU RU RU" in katakana. She's also in Shousei (the first voiced pronunciation of the school's name here too), taking the Magic course.

Yukina: "She's another of the boarders here. Compared to her, even I…"
Makina: "Yukina's intelligence is great, but Krile's in another league."

Krile jumped grades, being in the second year of high school despite being younger than everyone else.

Shizuma: "Genius?"
Yukina: "That's still probably not enough to describe her."

I think it's safe to slot Krile into the Genius Loli character archetype now.

Makina mentions one more resident boarder, who's an alumnus of Shousei, and… I'm not sure how to translate it without using what the vernacular of the Internet would define as "hawt". (No, really.) "Dynamite woman"? "Sexy"? Whatever.

Yuria says that Rin (Lim Venus) is working late, but will likely be home by dinner, and introductions can be made then.

Just then, someone yells a greeting from the doorway. Apparently Krile's home.


"Just a warning, but Krile is… a little strange."

Shizuma: "Strange?"
Makina: "She carries around a little stuffed toy."
Shizuma: "That's kind of cute, isn't it?"
Makina: "It talks."
Shizuma: "… eh?"


Krile Shikishima, and her stuffed cat toy… thing.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but the BGM for the game is comfortingly standard. No real surprises, being exactly what you might expect for each scene. I'm not sure if the theme that plays when Krile first appears is her leitmotif, but it suits her.

Shizuma notes that Krile is "RA I KA N", which I'm assuming is "lycan" (as in "-thrope"). A distinct race of elfan, maybe.

The cat speaks.


And Krile tells him(?) to shut up.

The cat, who apparently goes by the name of Azrael (or "Azu" for short), speaks in a very… stereotypically cat voice, kind of wheedling and with the "nya" verbal tic. He acts quite belligerently towards Shizuma, which presumably displeases Krile.


You'll be seeing a lot more Azu-abuse if you hang around Krile for any length of time, if I remember correctly.

Krile proceeds to slam Azu onto the ground, and then stomp on him. Good thing he's a stuff toy.


Should Shizuma silently observe this display of senseless violence (top option), or should he speak up (bottom option)?

Well, it's always entertaining to watch the stuffing get beaten out of Azu, even if it's offscreen, so let's remain quiet for now.

Azu hollers in comedic pain, because it's hard to feel sorry for something which insists on making horrible jokes and "nya" speech idiosyncracies while being thrashed. Krile soon stops, and Shizuma takes the chance to introduce himself. (Through the magic of save-and-reload, apparently the only obvious difference between the options is how quickly Krile stops. Everything else seems exactly the same, including Azu's unfortunate survival.)


Krile smiles. Shizuma is attracted to this, somehow. (Attracted in what way will have to wait until we make our choice of girl, I would think.)

Quick fade to black, and then fade back to the dinner table.


"Guys are really great, aren't they? Would you like seconds?"

In context, Yuria's commenting on Shizuma's appetite, but I really have to wonder whether there's a Yuria route in this game.


"Three bowls aren't enough for a growing boy, right?"


Shizuma comments on how the food is great.

Yuria: Thank you. Although, Yukina also helped prepare dinner.
Shizuma: Well then, Yukina's cooking is really good too!
Yukina: Mom's a lot better than I am. Besides, Mom did most of the work.
Shizuma: Ah. So, how about Makina?
Makina: *stare*
Shizuma: (… I said something wrong.)

According to Azu, Makina has a reputation for being a bad cook, liable to set dishes aflame.


"Shut up, stupid cat."

Shizuma makes an unwise sound.

Makina: Shizuma! You're comparing Yuki and I, aren't you?
Shizuma: Hahaha… you got me.

Dude, I don't know whether to admire your honesty or your deathwish.

The conversation turns to something katakana-ed as "SO FU i RO SU" ("Sofiroth"?), which I have absolutely no clue about. From context, it's a sport that Makina is active in, and it's not really that well-known, since Shizuma has no idea what it is either.

Shizuma guesses that it's something to do with magical wands. And… that's it.


Makina is depressed.

Apparently Makina got the Most Valuable Player award (which Shizuma pronounces in hiragana, "mousuto bariaburu pureiyaa"… most variable player?) at a national tournament. So in this particular sport, Makina is famous, especially since she's the team captain.

Shizuma doesn't have any specialties, which is standard for Renai Protagonists, but I have to wonder how he got into the ultra-elite Shousei in that case. Azu wonders the same thing, except with more insults.


Krile Chop.

That night, after dinner, Shizuma is ready to go to bed (at nine-thirty; I can't comment, because occasionally I do get that tired myself), when… something happens? I can't quite read it, but in any case, he heads downstairs.




From her viewpoint, she has just returned home to see an unfamiliar man in her house.



Makina comes rushing out, intent on punishing the alleged robbers causing all the commotion.


Not helping, Makina.


As she realizes the situation, Makina rushes off, or at least attempts to do so, just in time for the rest of the cast to rush in.

Hilarity ensues.


"Come to think of it, Rin-chan hates men…"

As expected.

Slightly later, introductions are made.


Rin still has trouble with this.

Shizuma apologizes for startling her, and Rin stammers out her own apology for forgetting all about his moving in that day.


Top option: "Don't worry about it."
Bottom option: "Worry about it."

I don't care if it's stereotypical, I'm obviously going to reassure her that nothing's wrong. The other option has Rin apologizing all the way, and it actually gets a little irritating, despite my general weakness towards this character archetype.

Yuria brings calm to the chaos, and everyone goes off to do their own thing. Interestingly, Krile calls her "mama", and insists on sleeping together. I suppose this is to make her seem more childlike? Or something.


"With Tita and Rin, your timing today is quite bad, isn't it?"

When the BGM changes, I'm not sure if this is Yukina's theme, but it's kind of relaxing, in a Traditional Japanese Muzak kind of way.

Yukina chats with Shizuma about how he seems to have bad luck with ladies, and… I didn't get the details of the conversation, but the gist is that Yukina really knows how to tease Shizuma without him knowing it.

Fade to some sort of dream sequence comprising of lots of text set to a single background image of sepia-toned clouds, which I forgot to screenshot. So it goes.

Shizuma sleeps until ten in the morning, which everyone says is late, thus further proving my complete disconnect with Normal People.


The conversation here is about how Shizuma still acts uncomfortably formal around everyone, but I figured I should show another one of Yuria's sprites. She uses it again in a bit, when she insists on preparing food for Shizuma, over his polite protests.

Shizuma mentions that he'll be heading out for shopping and sightseeing, especially since he's running out of clothes. Yukina offers to go with him, and hurries off to prepare.


"A date, right?"


Sometimes, Shizuma, you can be really, really dense.

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