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Chouin and Kannu.

Possibly I will be accused of being Late To The Party, which implies some sort of party in the first place, to which I have not received a formal invitation. Or perhaps the party is open to any and all, free drinks included, as long as one is not Late, which I unfortunately am. No more am I on the cutting edge of anime, and my inability to keep up with the latest trends might saddle me with an attack penalty.

The meido uniform is distinct from an actual Real Life housekeeper's uniform by connotations, hence the altered spelling. There is some overlap, perhaps reasonably so, between the uniforms for Meido and Waitresses, but the distinction is lost on plebeians such as I. The above screencap is actually taken from episode four, which ramps up the fanservice to a level best described as "borderline". What it borders shall remain unstated for family-friendliness, but rest assured that the cleavage-emphasizing pose depicted is but the baseline of the dizzying heights explored.

And as Impz implies (with appropriate RAGE), the thought of the famed generals of the Three Kingdoms era being used as vehicles of Fanservice is more than a little mind-numbing. Rest assured, however, that once one gets over the initial breakage of brainmeats, one will be able to accept anything in that vein with either cheerful interest or implacable libido. The difference, in this case, is insubstantial.

And yes, I posted this entirely so I could use that title.

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