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Hidamari Sketch x365 opening.

Another week, another desperate attempt to come up with something to talk about on this blog of increasingly embarrassing time-wastage. Well, it's not like the blog hasn't been thoroughly embarrassing for all concerned anyway, since I've never made a secret of the inherent Ogling of Cute Girls which remains, to this day, the blog's raison d'etre.

Listening to the new Hidamari Sketch x365 opening reminds me once again how much I loved "Sketch Switch", the first season's opening. I think I first realized what made it so addictive when I listened to the Lantis Nico Nico Medley: the song is great for just belting out without worrying about the minor details like keeping in tune, like the much-remixed "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu". Every time I hear the kumikyoku's robo-voice counting down to the anticipated "ikimasu!", I can't help but grin and sing along.

"Hatena de Wasshoi" is no different; I can sing along to "nobi nobi nobi nobi nonbiri to" without fear of censure, at least if I do it quietly enough that the neighbours don't complain. The song itself even exhorts you "toriaezu WASSHOI de~su", to shout it loud and proud. Try it out; it's actually pretty fun.

As for the show itself, it places itself in the unique position of something I'm watching and liking, and yet have nothing to say about it. It's the further tales of four girls in an art school dormitory. There is nothing more that needs to be detailed, except perhaps a reaffirmation of the proclamation that Oh God, Yoshinoya-sensei Is Hot.

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