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Just a teaser image.

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Subaru's expressions are priceless.

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9 Responses to “Nanoha GamerS XIV – Abandon All Hope”
  1. Crisu says:

    Oh I see; you just increment the number as you go for organization's sake. I thought you had settled upon 13 being the last one.

    Friendly fire makes me giggle.

  2. Balorn says:

    Love the bottom panels on the second page. "Your other dream, Subaru. The worksafe one."

    Though I can see what you said a while back about layout limitations, it looks a bit odd without a real panel division between Fate and who she's speaking to.

  3. TheBigN says:

    Could you be able to switch the order of that panel that Balorn is talking about, since I understand how it's supposed to work, but it's still a little strange seeing it come like that. :P

    And Nanoha would be mad scary if she would smile like that while angry. :3

  4. DKellis says:

    My image manipulation skills (or lack thereof) are not that good.

    I can switch out that page with something else if it's that bad.

  5. Silverdragon15 says:

    I loved Fate's comment about Subaru's dream. And to me, Nanoha will always be that cute girl who will befriend you with a smile in her face and Raging Heart in her hands.

  6. Balorn says:

    TheBigN: The problem is that the screen-split shown in that panel is present in the original source (I just checked). And a simple horizontal flip would look even worse since neither of them have symmetrical hair.

    However, if Subaru's speech bubble was moved over a bit so it's over the split as well it would be a bit clearer.

  7. DKellis says:

    Tweaked. (Refresh cache etc.)

  8. Shane says:

    I wonder what the 'consequences' might be? ^_~

  9. Tsubasa says:

    Consequences always gives people good ideas.