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Received I in the mail today my long-delayed box set of the Limited Edition Lucky Star R1 DVD. I remember pre-ordering it a few months ago, and to be honest, its appearance at my doorstep was something of a surprise, especially since it had an ominous-looking label attached onto it declaring it to be free of any hazardous materials and/or contraband, so spake the Singapore Customs Office, and thus was it written, amen.

Little do they know.

Enclosed inside the magnetic-flapped box is the first DVD containing the four episodes, as well as the OP single and Konata's character album. Unlike the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya box set, there is no little drawer this time to contain the CDs, thus relying on our own ingenuity to store these treasures. Being that I wasn't kidding when I said that I was out of shelf space, I am momentarily at a loss.

A screen cleaner in the form of a small plush chocolate cornet may be found in the box. Do not eat it from either head or tail, for it is not edible.

Also included is what appears to be a T-shirt bearing a print of the (female) school uniform. I am tempted to send this as a prize to the first person who can come up with a halfway-decent interpretation of the laws of the alternate universe in which this marketing decision made any sort of sense.

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