Amaterasu kawaii~

One of my (many) failings is that I tend to obsess over things. When I get something new, I immerse myself as deeply into it as I am capable of. Now, this may not last, especially if the work in question is Not To My Tastes, but since I generally pre-filter my entertainment through intense scrutiny of reviews and what few fellows who share my opinions I can muster, I often find that by the time I think to myself "this is pretty fun, but I probably should take a break around now", the authorities may well have already declared me legally dead.

Right now, the obsession of the moment dictates that I cannot look at a withered, leafless tree without getting the urge to paint a circle around it.

2 Responses to “Brush And Wolf”
  1. Aanusha says:

    Why paint a circle around a withered leafless tree when you can etch a heart on it?? Perhaps even declare your everlasting, unfaltering love for anime in general, or Cardcaptor Sakura in particular?? I would've done it if I were you… By the way….I just noticed. What became of MOE Check?? Why is it JUST Check now??