How to have Dawn-hair.

I wonder if it says something about me that the only reason I'm playing Pokemon Diamond at all is because I think Dawn (or Hikari, if you want the Japanese name) is very, very cute.

It's the hat, I think. I don't know what she's like in the actual anime, being that I don't have a source for it, but just looking at the fanart makes her seem so adorable.

Of course, I tend to treat games as a significant collection of plot and dialogue interspersed with irritating but sadly unavoidable gameplay, so this is not unusual. I suppose what I'm really looking for when I buy a game is an interactive CG movie, preferably anime-style with cute girls.

33 Responses to “I'd Catch Pokemon With Her”
  1. Owen S says:

    So this is like a surrogate for all the dating sims/eroges/ren'ai you haven't purchased?

  2. Mokuren says:

    You are my hero.

  3. zeppy says:

    new theme sux, bring back tomoyo

  4. Don't know why, but Dawn/Hikari's become my favorite Pokémon trainer as of now. But yeah…cuteness wins.

  5. Mac says:

    Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley.

  6. jells says:

    where u get the picture?

  7. Yoshi Steel says:

    She, and May are my favorite.
    Heck I draw them both in my mangas. :)

  8. eevee432 says:

    cool^w^ i might try that :)

  9. dawn-roxx96 says:

    OMG im so trying that out! it looks sooo cute on her. i dont think it will work 4 me tho :(

  10. Dawn is cool says:

    I tried it out on my hair and it looks so cool! Im like obsesed with dawn and i think she is really cute! On most of my DS games my name is Dawn.

  11. Lucas says:

    does anyone remember the website this came from? i can't remember.

  12. cheyenne says:

    wow, I suddenly feel informed and odly inspired….do you possibly have one for an explination on mays hair? it confuses me back and over

  13. SugarrChan says:

    Kawaii, i tried it but my hair is short. im growning it like Dawn's length

    i like Dawn in the anime, shes awesome

  14. Hikari fan says:

    I Like…!!
    Is cute..!!

  15. kristian says:

    so that's how she does her hair!!

  16. yachiru says:

    0-0 o-0 O-0 LOL i love dawn lol O-O O-0

  17. IcanHelp says:

    DUDE! There is a game just like that. Play Lux-Pain, it is mostly plot and interaction with only pulzzles and a bit of different gameplay and cute girls, good job btw

  18. "I tend to treat games as a significant collection of plot and dialogue interspersed with irritating but sadly unavoidable gameplay"

    That reminds me of a friend that once said his ideal gameplay would be "press A for next cutscene."

  19. Chiu fan hikari says:

    Is cute! >w<
    i like i like!!

  20. Antwan Ruch says:

    Yeah pokemon was really cool back in the primary school lol. We all used to play it. Crystal was easily the best lol!

  21. supr ale nemáš ten popis česky?protože já jsem čech takže odepiš.

  22. Destiny Writer says:

    My hair is too short and no one else in my family wil let me play with their hair :C

  23. Lexi Adams says:

    Pikachu is the cutest and my favortie among the Pokemons.:'"

  24. Pikachu is really the cutest pokemon.-*`

  25. Cherrim123 says:

    It doesn't look good on me because I don't have a fringe.

  26. Ashton Cox says:

    pikachu is the most adobrable of all the pokemons`:-

  27. Dawn Nicole says:

    Its cool how i LOVE dawn and we have the same name!!! DAWN FOREVER!

  28. CUTE says:

    do have a pic of lucas?

  29. Lady Ray says:

    My ideal gameplay would be "press A for the next cutscene involving cute girls riding dinosaurs and then some awesome well-formatted combat while playing a girl on a dinosaur" but I'd honestly just settle for cute girls riding dinosaurs.

    Bianca from Black/White is pretty cute but I like Dawn better.

  30. Just Someone. says:

    Here's a website for DP anime., they have a lot of episodes, dubbed english. From Kanto to the Unova Region episodes. From Misty to Iris. Though you'd have to wait for the episode to load, it's better than cut in parts.

  31. Just Someone. says:

    Oh, and you know manga characters? Platinum Berlitz would always beat Dawn's butt when it comes to a battle XD And I would too on my Diamond XD (Note: Platinum looks just like Dawn but has black hair and goldish-silverish eyes) go to http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden/wiki/Platinum_(Adventures) to check Platinum out. Trust me, Dawn isn't as 'cute' in the anime. It's just the fanart that makes her 'adorable'.

  32. Lucas milton says:

    can you post the link? i MUST see how to do Dawns hair!!!!!