I think this is Dieci.

I find it somewhat darkly amusing that I have yet to find a plausible in-fiction explanation for all those moons, or planetoids, or something in the skies of Midchilda, that does not eventually boil down to "it's MAGIC".

Over at TVTropes it's mentioned under Alien Sky, which notes the improbability of this arrangement, as well as suggesting that it is done for the sake of looking cool. The AnimeSuki thread, a dark lair in which the back and forth of spirited debate has mutated into an unholy writhing mass of personal attacks, and for which such matters are destined, hemmed and hawed over the problem for a few pages, before finally utilizing the Gordian solution with the proclamation that it is, indeed, workable only by magic.

The final verdict, I believe, is "moons made entirely of liquid mana". Which end up somehow projecting themselves, or perhaps alternate dimension variants of themselve, or even alternate dimension variants of the planet they revolve around, several times over. Judging from visual evidence, we may find at least six such globes in the sky at any given moment, each one possessing what seems like an atmosphere of its very own.

Later, we are told that Midchilda has two moons in its orbit, each tracing an elliptical path that enables a sort of mystical concordance Just In Time for the events in the show to unfold in the most dramatic manner. Perhaps there are more heavenly bodies that the projection removed from the screen, for ease of significance; we may never know.

It is truly a world of magic, where the laws of gravity and astrophysics are rather more like guidelines. Of such things do we fanfiction writers have to grapple.

4 Responses to “Moons Over Midchilda”
  1. Crisu says:

    They're all space stations…

  2. Zeroblade says:

    I've also been wondering about those moons, considering that all those moons should be messing up the gravity in some way or another.

  3. Wild Goose says:

    It's more a case of "7arcs makes h-senarios, not magic or sci-fi, and they don't bother to do the reasearch, unlike Kawamori and Macross, so don't bother and go with the flow."

    And I'd disagree on the personal attacks bit, DK. No posts got deleted in Magitech for personal attacks…. ironically the deletions happened in Cadia. Best not to say too much about it except that Kha started it, I countered him, 4tran stepped in and apparently has a long memory since he shot down my attempt to make a Macross OC thread. :P

    I felt a lot better after making a PM to ark and telling him to go and watch something else if he wanted to SOD. :p

  4. nolrai says:

    That might explain why they are have exactly the same cloud cover.