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Just a teaser image.

Yes, I've decided to start numbering these. Let's see how far I go before I lose interest.

Page 01
Page 02
Page 03

I'm trying to see if I can just wing it when it comes to sound effect placement.

Also, to clarify something from a few posts ago: I'm not burning out on posting completely. I'm just burning out on posting anything remotely resembling substance.

This should be obvious by now.

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2 Responses to “Nanoha GamerS III – Don't Try This At Home”
  1. Minor nitpick to get out of the way: The red text looks overly contrasty to me. This isn't too much of a complaint, as thankfully it's not blue or lime green. Maybe try a yellow, or perhaps white? If you like the red, I wouldn't suggest changing it, but I wanted to give it a mention.

    That said: I must say, I am enjoying these. I've never seen the series the screenshots are from, so things are able to look completely "original" to me. Whether that's a plus or minus for me as a reader, I don't know.

    Now I just need to stop trying to read these right-to-left. That's what I get for recently reading a handful of pages of Cardcaptor Sakura…

  2. Shane says:

    *lol* I love Teana in this.