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I have no idea what to do for the one year mark of this blog's existence, and so I shall ramble aimlessly on nothing in particular, until someone either suggests something satisfactory, or comes to take me away for the good of all humanity.

Apart from the period of time when I did not actually have a computer upon which to make posts, I have kept my goal, admittedly not especially demanding, of two posts a week, until the day I die. Remember that I only promise two posts a week, without any mention of the substance therein, which you, gentle readers, may have to create for yourselves from out of the aether, in violation of the conservation of mass, save for arguments involving hammerspace, and possibly its close cousin hammertime. That, as has been noted before, is the sort of thing which we cannot touch.

In this year of blogging anime, as well as blogging about anime, I have learned a great many things about the hobby which I decided about one year before to engage in. For one thing, it requires a passion for both anime and writing which cannot be faked: I actually enjoy writing up these little posts which may not necessarily be read by anyone save myself, and I might well consider this blog a massive success if it merely stands as an archive of Card Captor Sakura episode summaries for my own perusal. Further experiences in blogging showed most indubitably that it also requires a good spam-blocker, because, in an unexpected application of a variation on Sturgeon's Law/Revelation, ninety percent of the Internet sucks.

Most of all, though, I learned that I hate writing episode summaries, due to reasons of sloth.

For all that the subject of editorials vs episode summaries come up, I've found that writing an episode summary, even just a bland recounting of what happened in the episode in question, is much more difficult than writing an editorial. It could be just me, since I tend to be more than a little opinionated on certain subjects, and I have a great deal of experience in using far more words than necessary to pad out a single statement into a post two thousand words or so long.

Even so, perhaps "difficult" is the wrong word to use; "tedious" might be a closer approximation. I have mentioned before that content may elude me occasionally, but structure is a constant thorn. All I want to do is write something, anything, but before I can, first I must take screenshots and resize them and hammer out the IMG tags and make sure that they all point to wherever they're supposed to and carefully arrange everything artfully and try not to stretch the blog too much and keep everything XHTML-compliant and so on and so forth in the manner exemplified by this inexcusably prolonged sentence.

When I write a Card Captor Sakura episode summary, it takes me about four hours from "I should write a CCS episode summary" to "okay, it's done". About half an hour is taken watching the episode and taking screenshots, and half an hour is spent writing up the actual text of the summary. The other three hours are spent trying to decide which screenshots to keep and which to discard, as well as resizing them and renaming them (thank you IrfanView) and then placing the skeletal framework of the post into the text editor and editing it all into something which works for this episode but which will need to be edited again for the next episode, and then carefully altering stuff like image file names one at a time, until my eyes glaze over as I realize how all of this seems very suspiciously like work.

In other words, one quarter of the time spent on an episode summary post has to do with the content, while the other three quarters have to do with making the post look pretty. This strikes me as an unfortunate and yet ineluctable state of affairs.

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