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The problem with writing Card Captor Sakura episode summaries is that I cannot exactly be objective about it. Since it's my absolute favourite anime of all time, I have to rely on my passion for it to draw out each and every summary which you have seen thus far in this category. Emotions, however, are fickle things, and easily influenced by outside interference.

For the past two months, I have been suffering through renovation works on the apartment below mine, which means that very loud drills and hammerings have been a constant accompaniment to the hot and muggy climate filled with all sorts of unpleasant polluting particulates. This is not a conducive sort of mood to review an episode of my favourite anime with anything resembling rational thought. Instead, I have become a sort of slightly crazed caricature of my usual mellow self, filled brimful with undirected bile which cannot be siphoned off without a week or so of blowing things up in violent games.

But I have this anime blog to feed, ravenous beast as it is. Open wide…

As mentioned in the last summary, the in-DVD extras for the fifth disc of Card Captor Sakura is another art gallery, filled with line art of Meiling with various expressions, a bit of Yamazaki, a few of Sakura's battle costumes (not necessarily from this DVD), and assorted inanimate objects. This would probably be a lot more interesting to me if it weren't stuck at its current resolution size.

Episode 18 of Card Captor Sakura, "Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer Festival", is one of those Requisite Anime Settings for any series of significant length per amount of plot set in Japan: the natsu-matsuri, which translates quite directly to "summer festival". For the most part, these have a set of components that are available more often than not, to be put together however the plot wishes. We have the noise, the heat, and the crowds. We have the stalls, some of which sell food, some of which offer games of alleged skill. In the more specific sorts of summer festivals, we have the bon-odori. Occasionally there are even fireworks.

And of course, we have the sight of characters in yukata, which, as Konata notes in Lucky Star, would probably trigger a flag in dating sims. Presumably this is akin to seeing someone in a formal tuxedo or evening dress; we see them every day in more casual clothes or uniforms, and a switch of attire to something more fashionable may be a welcome change in scenery.

This episode is rather slower in pace, but heavy with portentous foreshadowing. It is as though this is an intentional decision to best portray the lazy days of summer holidays, all while carefully not thinking about the sullen, looming pile of summer homework squatting in the corner like some infernal harbinger of despair.

Such as it is.

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