Riot Zanber.

One of the issues often raised is how much anime blogs, at least in the rather incestuous community which the Popular Anime Blogs are mostly a part of, tend to focus their sights on the Newest Anime, currently being broadcast at this very moment in Japan. The lament is that people who don't keep up with the newest and freshest feel left out in the cold, with nothing to inform them on what they can actually obtain in a wholly legal manner. (Rant excised For Your Convenience.)

I've gotten several compliments for my episode summaries for Card Captor Sakura, by no means a new series. On the flipside, I've also been the target of several puzzled looks and questions on why I am spending my time with older series, which everyone can presumably watch for themselves. I remain peacefully in my zen of simultaneously Doing It Right and Doing It Wrong at the same time.

And since it's been a while since I had the time to sit down and watch some anime for the sake of personal enjoyment, rather than as a prelude to some blog post in the near future where I wax sesquipedalian over what would invariably amount to an incoherent fanboy gush over a female character or other, I have taken the opportunity to finish up watching a few series which have not actually obtained the distinction of being old enough to get a DVD release with subs, but which are nevertheless not new, and not of this current season.

It's a refreshing feeling to be able to make all the usual comments about a plot development without having to write it down. Although I have to admit that the primary purpose of this post is entirely so that I can use that joke.

In about a week (the 26th of January, to be precise), this blog will hit one year of active operation. I have no idea what I'm going to do for that; suggestions would be welcome.

6 Responses to “Nanoha StrikerS 24 – Swordchucks, Yo”
  1. zeppy says:

    Please keep doing CCS summaries. It's heartwarming to read thought out blogs by someone who cares about an anime so much.

  2. GreyDuck says:

    There is no Doing It Wrong, unless you're writing about something you don't want to write about. Period, end of story.

    And I'd roll a DB scrapper if you could get blades looking like that. Heh.

  3. totali says:

    LOL someone out there who actually reads 8-bit theater! High five!

  4. Swordchucks do indeed rule. High five!

  5. On the flipside, I’ve also been the target of several puzzled looks and questions on why I am spending my time with older series, which everyone can presumably watch for themselves.

    For me, that's exactly the whole point. After I finished watching Petite Princess Yucie, I looked to see if anyone else had watched and wrote about it. This was before I found any anime blogs, then I came across one sort-like-a-blog with posts about the Petite Princess Yucie episodes. I went through them in backwards-order (from the final episode to the first), and enjoyed reading this person's thoughts of the show as they watched through it. From me reading through it, there were moments of, "Oh, you didn't understand that part? I thought it was plain to see," and "Wow, I thought the same thing about that!" and "I…didn't even consider that. That sure explains things…"

    I understand that if you're just writing episode summaries and nothing else, then it's only worth it if to other people you're watching something new that other people cannot watch for some reason (or, perhaps, something raw that other people will watch without understanding). If you write more than just an episode summary, if you write your thoughts on what is happening or will happen, or if you make observations which others might miss, if you put something extra into it, then it's worth reading for anyone currently watching or having watched the series, no matter how old it is. And if it's something a person watched long ago, seeing the posts and reading their contents might be enough of a push for them to re-watch a series they loved.

    "Moe Check!" was one of the first anime blogs in a time when I almost couldn't find a single anime blog in a Google search, in 2007. How could I extensively search Google in early 2007 and not find a single anime blog? Because I was doing searches for blogging about Petite Princess Yucie, about Seven of Seven, about series I had seen. I don't watch the latest out of Japan, so I would never have found a single anime blog which covers only the latest raws/fansubs. "Moe Check!", on the other hand, was a relatively easy find for someone like me.