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The show even has Norio Wakamoto in it.

What is with the fascination in anime to make the characters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms into girls?

And no, this isn't a complaint about "OMG they're moe-fying everything". Instead, it's a complaint from the other direction: why RoTK? There's plenty of other source material to draw on. I don't think I've seen an adaptation of Sun Wukong (or Son Goku, in the Japanese translation) featuring lots of girls, that one episode of Love Hina notwithstanding. Yes, there's Saiyuki, and the more famous but less faithfully-adapted Dragonball, but those contain very Manly Men of varying degrees of homoeroticism.

Another story I can think of which gets immense attention in anime off the top of my head would be the amalgamation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll, which also gets plenty of mention in non-anime stories. I wonder if there's another reason for their popularity other than simply being familiar.

I wonder how anime would handle, say, the stories of Sherlock Holmes as depicted by cute lolis.

(After seeing how Marvel and DC adapt their own creations without regard for continuity, or more to the point Disney and its interpretations of classic tales, I apologize for nothing.)

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