More quickly than any other test subject on record.

Occasionally I wonder if some of the references I toss out here and there in my loquacity is too byzantine for the casual reader to truly connect to, in the manner of one speaking in tongues as yet unknown to the rest of the civilized world. I cannot even claim the defense of Pop Culture, since it is such a miniscule and mildly eccentric corner of aforesaid Popular Culture which may not fit the definition of Popular, much less being Cultured. It is the corner occupied by the sort of person who is far more interested than is psychologically sound in the little details of a given setting or lore, even if he completely misses the point of the story in question.

It may well be the case that the only person who gets all of my references is myself, since it is not a given that the various interests and fandoms being alluded to will overlap with the average reader's experiences. I try to explain these as best as I can without spoiling the joke, mainly by linking to the Wikipedia article or some such. For some, like the more esoteric discussions about my MMORPG of choice, I reword and rephrase until the sentence is structured to my satisfaction, for the balance of impact and understanding. For others, like a mention of some game mechanic in a Final Fantasy game, I just leave it as it is, since such things are ubiquitous, even if one does not personally partake of the fandom in question (for example, I do not even like the Harry Potter books, but I do recognize a fair number of references from it), and it is an educated guess that a reader is likely to recognize that offhand comment about One-Winged Angels accompanied by Ominous Foreign (generally Latin, being Foreign to everyone still reading it, effectively a dead language) Chanting.

And yet sometimes, explaining the joke in any way would ruin it, which is why I doubt anyone not already in the know can truly comprehend the amusement I obtain from the confluence of Portal and Eddie Izzard.

Therefore (using this convenient segue), like the events in the Enrichment Centre, further passageways and links are made in these labyrinthine Walls Of Text and the reader is led through logic-defying apertures and might very well end up upside-down or inside-out or whatever orientation is the most inconvenient for figuring out where one needs to go next. The best way to deal with times like these, I find, is to jump right in, after quicksaving.

The analogy could use some work, I admit.

On a side note (pun unintended), thanks to what may possibly be overuse of the theme, or perhaps simply a leitmotif for a character with much screentime, I cannot quite think of Kotomi without hearing "Etude pour les petites" (literally, "Etude for children") in my head. For those wondering, it's that chamber music-style melody which plays whenever Kotomi appears, and probably a few other occasions.

8 Responses to “Cake Will Be Served”
  1. Akira says:

    I didn't get half the things you said. But it's ok because that picture is awesome.

  2. IKnight says:

    Now you're blogging with allusions.

  3. Greg says:

    "And now the cake is all gone! You don't even CARE, do you?!"

  4. Aanusha says:

    You have been talking Greek and Hebrew lately. And what's with the echhi pic?
    I thought you were supposed to be blogging about CCS episodes, but WHERE ARE THEY????

  5. Zeroblade says:

    This post is automatically awesome because of the presence of Kotomi. Doubly so for incorporating Portal into the picture.

  6. jello44 says:

    I have to ditto what Zero says.

    Damnit, why do anime characters have to be so damn moe? It's like a damn sickness lol

  7. I have no complaints. Companion Cube-tan is doubleplusgood alltime.