Surprisingly, this is not an actual official lifting of the two-posts-a-week restriction, as much as a warning that my posts from here until several weeks later might be a tad more surreal than strictly normal, due to influences from assorted painkillers and local anesthetic.

What may be of greater concern, or at least relevance, would be that I'm planning on upgrading the WordPress installation of this blog. Site strangeness may or may not result; I've done all I could to back up everything, but These Things Happen.

Also, I wanted an excuse to use this picture, because like Miyuki, I'm really scared of the dentist.

5 Responses to “Now With Less Wisdom”
  1. Crisu says:

    Good luck to you, brave friend!

  2. Owen S says:

    It's for the greater good, a WordPress update is. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (;

  3. Aanusha says:

    I understand your fear. During the last two years, I've had no less than 18 visits to the dentist, during which I had two pluck out four of mine teeth and fence in the others with a pair of braces on both jaws…

  4. EcureuilMatrix says:

    Godspeed, fellow wisdomless one.

    (Oharuhi-sama help me, I still shiver at that memory. My dentist's a nice guy, but ouchhhh…)

    A Miyuki is fine too~

  5. lucy says:

    hi! i just stumbled onto dis site and its relly cool! lol! i relly luv lucky star and ur pic of miyuki is so cool! hey, dont worry about da dentist coz ur not alone, i hate going to da dentist 2!^^" o wait! actualy, im going to get braces soon… OMG, IM SO NERVOUS!!! anyways, thanx 4 posting dis..

    lots of luv,

    ps, email me if u post any more stuff on anime….