The legacy of UniqueDragon.

Produced below is part of the text of a Typical Rant on the City of Heroes official boards, which I will have to mention for the record is not as bad as some of the worst examples of the type, but is still unfortunately typical.

I've tried to edit out any references to obscure knowledge only players of the game would have (if you're wondering, the original rant was a diatribe against Enhancement Diversification, quite inaccurately at that; the nerfs that were mentioned came in the Global Defense Nerf in the previous content update), as well as removed the swearwords (which were censored out by the swear filter anyway). Other than that, the rant is fairly unchanged, but I've added in formatting and highlights for reasons of this post.

It's sad that [the devs] decided to go through with this change, when it's clear that it's their myopic "vision" of the [game] which drives [players] away. They should be following their stated goal of giving the [players] what they want, not wasting their time with this slap in the face of loyal customers. Just look around you to see how everyone is leaving in droves when the [game] could have been such a great one, but was run into the ground by stupidity. I predict that the [game] will not have much longer to live, and we are seeing its dying moments even now. I for one will never recommend this [game] to anyone ever.

Don't bother looking for this post: it was locked due to the inevitable flamewar, and got pruned in the regular forum maintenance which delete older inactive threads (not so much censorship as mere software limitations).

Now. You've undoubtedly noticed the highlighted words. In the style of madlibs, try replacing those words with the following:

the devs = Kyoto Animation or Sunrise or GAINAX or Studio Bones or whatever
game = anime or fandom, whichever seems more appropriate
players = fans

Does this look familiar?

I always find that being involved in many fandoms, especially if they do not tend to cross-pollinate, provides for a great deal of insight into how people (specifically, fans) tend to act in much the same way everywhere. For example, the announcement of the cancellation of Kodomo no Jikan was met with cries of outrage about "censorship" that had an uncanny resemblance to those surrounding what was termed Livejournal Strikeout 2007. And, as mentioned, madlibbing one angry rant from one source makes it as interchangeable as a form letter.

What is the point of this post, apart from being Blatant Filler? Well, I usually do things like this when I am well and truly irritated, which should give you an indication about my current state of mind. But mostly, I'd just like for any readers to depart with the idea that their championed causes in response to various issues, serious or otherwise, are not exactly unique. And rather importantly, when engaging in the inevitable battles which give rise to heated feelings and words, do remember the progressions and outcomes of all the other examples. It may provide for some insight.

In other offtopic news, the whole "anime elitism" debate going on right now is… well, I'm not exactly staying out of it as much as staying out of it this time, since all my viewpoints have been hammered to death already to what was probably an empty room. Let's just say that I'm tired of having to repeat myself for now; I might come back with greater energy in a while.

2 Responses to “The Dooooooom Song”
  1. GreyDuck says:

    I have to say, the first page of that old thread you linked to with the image is highly amusing. "My friend, maybe you should consider waiting until AFTER noon to start drinking large quantities of hard alcohol."

    I'm standing way, way back from the flames of Doctor Who fandom as it wank-splodes over the finale to Series Three, which aired a couple of days ago. (For the record: Disappointing, but not the worst thing I've ever seen, nor is it an affront to all that is right and good in the cosmos.) I kind of see where you're coming from, is what I'm sayin'.

  2. DKellis says:

    @GreyDuck: There's at least one dev post somewhere in that monster of a thread, where a dev assures the OP that should anyone try to jerk hack the game, the devs will promptly reverse hack jerk the offender.

    Or something like that.

    I find that Real Life debates also often have the same sort of flavour as the stuff from fandom, but it's certainly easier to find examples in fandoms, being that everything is usually written down and indexed by a search engine somewhere.