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Sakura and Syaoran.

I've been in one fandom or another (occasionally more than one at the same time, in a sort of Internet version of polygamy) since about 1995, when the Internet seemed glorious and open and full of unlimited possibilities. (Technically it is still full of unlimited possibilities, but one would rather not know what these possibilities are.) It came as a surprise, a thrilling shock to me, that in terms of really liking a show or a book or a game, I was not alone, and like-minded people banded together via the easy communications online. After being used to the concept of being surrounded by those who simply Do Not Get It, who treat passion for a fictional universe as an aberration to be shunned, this was an overwhelming discovery; I had to have a quiet lie-down.

Since then, though, an interesting trend has long since made itself quite obvious to me, and I am sure to a great many other people as well, most of whom are probably more intelligent than I am and have created reams of thesis papers about the matter. Countless rainforests have been sacrificed and oceans of ink spilled (or if you're using a laser printer, almost enough toner dust to replicate the classic atmosphere of Los Angeles) to explore the question of why is it that fandoms tend to gravitate towards romantic pairings.

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