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From HaniHani.

So I've been labelled, some time back, as the "harem monster". This is mainly because I had wandered into #Animeblogger one day asking for new romantic comedy anime recommendations, and every suggestion tossed out I had already seen relatively recently. When asked to list those anime I considered to have seen too recently to be suggested, I rattled off maybe thirty to forty titles. (This was true; at the time, I had marathoned about thirty to forty romantic comedy and slice of life anime over the course of about three months.) This is apparently unique among anime bloggers or some such; I keep saying that I'm easily satisfied, but nobody seems to remember.

However, I'm easily satisfied in much the same way a meat-eater is satisfied: give him a slab of steak, and he'll be perfectly happy. Present him with a stalk of broccoli, and he'll look at you as though sizing up how tasty your head would be in barbeque sauce. I am satisfied when the anime I watch has elements I like in it (in the right proportions), and I seldom ask for anything more. These elements are generally seen to be relatively easy to come by (comedy, passable plot/characterization, cute girls), and while I'd be happy with other factors to my tastes (intelligent concepts presented in a viewer-friendly yet accurate manner, some Moments of Awesome), they will come as a pleasant surprise, rather than something which I will actually expect. This does not actually mean that I am easily-pleased by all subpar works; just the ones which strike my fancy.

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