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Possibly from Nanoha, or one of its ancestors.

I'm likely going to be taking a bit of a break from writing long and impressive run-on sentences on this blog. This will likely result in the Every Other Day schedule being disrupted, but I'm certainly not going to abandon the blog for long. If nothing else, I have the episode summary for Card Captor Sakura waiting, half-finished, and I'll be damned if I let all that screencapping effort go to waste. Every single screencap I had to cut for space that I would love to have drawn attention to for Tomoyo-chan, well, a reckoning shall come. Oh yes, Tomoyo-chan will have her eternity of glory for her Absolute Aura of Moe~

As for a reason why I'm taking a break, well, it's largely due to the realization that right now, the blog seems more like work than a hobby. I find myself unable to concentrate on any other leisure activities: "can't do this now, must work on the blog". I haven't even been able to watch anime for fun recently, although I will have to admit that this is partly because I'm splitting my free time between this blog and City of Heroes. Now, normally this would be fine; I've been doing that since I started this blog, and it hasn't conflicted that much, new Issue releases notwithstanding. But now, I find a more fun aspect of being an anime fan that I'd been doing for a long time before, and had taken a hiatus from for a year or so: writing fan fiction.

Apart from The CCS Story That Will Not Die, which I am technically still working on, I've gotten a few more story and character ideas for various other fandoms. If you're wondering, The CCS Story of which I speak was started five years ago, an Alternate Universe type of story where events carried forth almost as in the canon series, but with the addition of a new character whom I've tried as hard as possible to present as far from the stereotypical Mary Sue as possible. Now, I do not, in actual fact, have any particular hatred of Mary Sues, and indeed am guilty of perpetrating a few myself (mostly in stories written for my own indulgence, rather than for other people to actually read). But the purpose of this new character was not the same as a Mary Sue, who kind of warps the plot around herself like a sort of literary singularity. This new character (male, whom I'll call Ichiro, since that's his name) is supposed to be an outlet for the author, not of dreams of power, but of snark.

In other words, all those comments I make in my CCS episode summaries? Ichiro's purpose is to think them; he's far too polite to actually vocalize them, but thinking is all he needs to do for the words to appear on my computer screen. (And yes, Ichiro is essentially an author-insertion in that he shares my utter hanyaa~n over Tomoyo. He's ten, though, so it's not as creepy.)

So. I've rediscovered the fun in creating a new character for a series, despite all the apprehension I generally see with regards to Original Characters. This may be because I find it fun to come up with a character concept, and then, given the unlimited freedom I have to flesh out that concept, bounded only by my imagination, I also find it fun to balance that character. I'm an absolute stickler for canon details, and there is no greater joy in fanfic writing than to create a character who fits perfectly in a given setting, or at least as good as it's going to get with the invariably vague rules set down by the original creators. Occasionally I am of the opinion that I think about the inner mechanics of the world in far greater detail than the creators did, although probably for no net benefit. And even if I am theoretically allowed to overpower my creation, I very carefully refrain from doing so, because with great power comes great opportunities for angst. I am not an angst-writer; I live quite contently on the happier side of the storytelling spectrum.

Currently my character-creation fandom of choice is Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, mainly because I'm a sucker for magic explained by technology. I've created one character (named, quite randomly, Ivey de Lorien, in a nod to both the car references in canon, as well as the odd romanizations) mostly on a whim, and I realize that I may need to create another in order to tell my story (which will likely take extreme liberties with the HUGE GAPS in the fans' knowledge of the adminstrative structure of the Time-Space Administration Bureau). This is because I seem to have fallen, quite inadvertantly, into a particular writing style; I almost require an authorial mouthpiece best exemplified by the long-suffering deadpan snarky Straight Man archetype, the Tsukkomi to the entire world's insistence of throwing absurd situations at the characters. In other words, I have grown incapable of writing stories without including a Kyon.

The primary problem facing me now is that we have just begun the plot of the third season of MSLN, and Immense Revelations are likely to be forthcoming. This increases the possibility for any actual plot in my planned fanfic to be directly contradicted by some future aspect, leaving me with the temptation to just declare the whole thing an Alternate Universe, or maybe some other department of the TSAB far removed from the events in the series, on the basis that in a bureaucracy, often the left hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

Or maybe I can just churn out characters for fun and concentrate on The CCS Story. Whatever works.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, can't stop the signal, AVPAS. Why would you want to, anyway?

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