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The screenshot has little to do with the topic at hand. I was just pressed for a screenshot to head the entry.

Most people who've seen me in the IRC channel, or who know me outside of the Animeblogger community, are aware that I'm a diehard player of the MMORPG City of Heroes/Villains by Cryptic Studios. I've been playing since December 2004, and I'm still learning new things about the game even now. Still, I'm fairly comfortable that I have the broad strokes down, or at least enough of it to fake it.

While thinking about the characters of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS and their given roles in a team, I found myself wondering how well they would actually work together. However, since my knowledge of team dynamics with Special Abilities comes entirely from CoH/V, I figured that it would be a fun exercise to associate the various archetypes to the characters.

If you don't know anything about CoH/V, and don't want or care to know, then feel free to skip this entry. This post falls almost completely under the category of "I just had an interesting thought, and I must inflict it on as many people as I can".

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