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Once again, there is the hunt for the good-quality raws of the show, which preclude it from being blogged about as soon as it airs. The explanation for this raw hunt, which does not happen with many other shows, goes on mostly about different regional broadcasters and how the main raw providers in Japan live in certain regions that MSLN StrikerS does not air in first. Therefore, we are making do with what we have.

Many thanks, as usual, to those who provide the raws on the usual places for those who know next-to-no Japanese, and thus cannot look for them ourselves.

I've gotten used to the pacing of the show by now: in this episode, we sacrifice a bit of the action for a larger chunk of plot. And considering the plot appears to tie into the first season (as well as obviously the second season), I consider this to be more than a fair tradeoff.

While there's the training sequence in the beginning, we don't actually see a lot of training being done by the Newbies this episode; most of it is offscreen, and we just see them exhausted at the end of it. We also see Vita and Signum, while Shamal and Zafira fail to make any appearances.

And finally, we learn the name of the main villain, or at least the person who seems to be the main villain based on all available evidence. This veritable cornucopia of plot is utterly commendable, and eased my worries, the previous episode, that this one would have concentrated on training and nothing else.

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