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Fanart, I presume.

I don't really have the time or the inclination to write a lengthy and deep post right now, so I'll just resort to a more filler type of post, concentrating on the shallower aspect of this blog. Well, it's not like this blog ever pretended to be anything other than shallow, sesquipedalianism notwithstanding.

Appearances play a major part in determining whether a character will induce that fanboyish reaction of moe~ upon clapping eyes on the character design, but exactly which aspects of appearance will engender the right reaction varies greatly from person to person. Some people like long hair, and some people prefer boyish cuts. Some people like dark-haired girls, while others go for blondes. Some people go gaga over maid costumes, while to others, a catgirl outfit is the pinnacle of cute.

As such, I cannot and do not pretend to speak for anyone else during the course of this entry. Everything listed here are my own interpretations and ideas and opinions, which I do not believe are shared with anyone else in exactly the same way, even if I'd be happy if some, or perhaps most, of the points strike a chord with other people.

I will understand, however, if nobody else shares my tastes. I am perfectly content to identify myself as being completely and utterly moe for meganekko, the girl with glasses.

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