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For an anime blog, I don't really review a lot of anime.

So once again I've obtained another eroge, this time Nursery Rhyme by Lump of Sugar. I first heard about this game from the now-infamous Code Geass parody, and felt that the opening theme was the sort of indicator of exactly the sort of moe sugary-sweet romantic comedy story I have a weakness for. You know, bright colours, happy school days, predictable and yet amusing situations, one nice guy being dragged around by lots of cute girls, the like. I suppose what I'm really looking for is a cute love story without the angst, but still interesting enough to watch.

The primary problem I have with playing this game is that it's not translated. My Japanese is obtained entirely from watching anime and what horrible grades in Chinese I managed to get, which helps slightly in kanji recognition, but hardly matters when the characters start ranting in a torrent of complicated kanji. Therefore, I've really only been clicking through the text boxes and listening to the characters speak, in an effort to glean some understanding of the situations based on context.

I haven't finished (or am even near finishing) the game yet, and so I can't really give a proper full review. (Not that I can do that anyway.) Still, thus far I haven't gotten to even one outright H scene (just the way I like it), and there were a few bits which made me chuckle, if only because it's the sort of humour I'm partial to.


As far as I can tell, the main character (unvoiced, even though every other character, male or female, is) is one Shizuma Asakura (possibly Hasakura? I don't recognize the kanji, sadly), who transferred (as usual) to a new school, and thus gets to live with his two twin childhood friends, Yukina and Makina Tomoe (and their mother Yuria). The world of Nursery Rhyme is one with magic and "elfans" (or perhaps "elfins"), who are pretty much people with interesting ears, either of the pointy sort or the animal sort. I think elfans are generally more skilled in magic than humans, but I could be wrong.

Shizuma is a typical male harem lead who's one step above the usually pathetic types, in that he's socially well-adjusted, but he's not the snarky or sarcastic sort. He's just a Nice Guy. I haven't seen any unique or obvious traits, but the more subtle hints may be escaping me.

In any case, I've not seen any overarching plot thus far (apart from the obvious "score with a girl"), but then I'm not really understanding much of the text anyway. I'm in it for the pretty pictures.


Makina Tomoe is probably, based on the fact that she's the first named girl in the OP animation and the first actual on-screen character you meet, the "true path" or a close equivalent. She's in the (soccer) football club, I think perhaps as captain or something, and she's all sporty and active and energetic.


Yukina Tomoe is twin the elder, and she's the quieter, loving oneechan type. Makina seems really scared of her when she gets angry, which is always plus points for extra moe-ness. So far she's been reassuringly normal, so I don't really have a lot to say about her other than that she's probably a nice girl.


Tita Flawless Brandt (don't look at me, I didn't come up with the names) lives next door to the other characters, and her bedroom window is in full view of Shizuma's. She's the tsundere ojou-sama type, which means that she acts rich and bitchy (but not really arrogant to anyone other than Shizuma). She also causes the most problems with understanding what she says, since she likes to start ranting in kanji and "desu wa" and suchlike.


Rin Lim Venus doesn't seem to like men. She's a college student (I think), and she gets all flustered and scared when Shizuma even talks to her. I'm not sure if this is because she mistook Shizuma for a burglar when they first met, or because she's really frightened of men in general, but either way, it's kind of cutely amusing. If I had to choose right now, I think I'll try going Rin's route first, and then Yukina's.


Krile Shikishima is the requisite loli. Her name is actually written "Kururu", but I suppose "Krile" is an acceptable transliteration according to the game. She doesn't speak much, and fits the archetype of the quiet, strange, genius loli, a bit like a nicer, more fictional view of an autistic savant. She's extremely smart and talented (so we are told), and I think she either skipped several grades, or she "only looks young". That cat on her shoulder is actually a doll named Azu (short for Asmodeus, perhaps?), sentient and speaking. It sounds, or at least tries to sound, like a tough gangster, which is a bit difficult when it does what you'd expect from an anime cat speaking (all "nya" and such), and when Krile expressionlessly smacks it around when it inevitably says something over the line.

As mentioned, I haven't a clue what's happening most of the time. I think, based on the utter lack of an obvious plot thus far, that there's no real objective other than "live a school days life and get a girlfriend". Which isn't a bad thing, and would probably be a refreshing change of pace from all the fantastical situations. Every girl may well have some backstory that will get explored in their routes, though; Krile has the most obvious possible plot hooks, but I can think up of something for Tita or Yukina as well.

Also, as a note to myself, Yukina's and Makina's birthday is on the 9th of December. I'm not sure if this is going to be significant in any way, but Shizuma keeps saying that he's definitely not going to forget it, which makes me suspect that there'll be a quiz or something later.


25 Responses to “Nursery Rhyme – Ribbons And Pink”
  1. Mizumi says:

    The girls are all very cute and it looks like a pleasant game. ^-^

    I would like to ask something though. You already said you don't know most of what's going in the game, but would you say that it's still worth the money even if you can't understand most of it? I can understand basic conversation, but I don't believe I would have much luck with much else. I've seen quite a few people who are currently playing through a visual novel even if they know little to no japanese and, being a fan of a few myself, have become interested in doing the same. However, most of the games I've seen for sale go from $60-90, so I've been quite hesitant in purchasing one. I've played my share of demos and doujin titles and what not, so I'm not completely new to the genre.

    I apologize if my writing is illiterate crap. ^-^;

    So basically, with the cost in mind, would you recommend this game or other's like it to people interested in the genre, knowing that they won't understand too much japanese?

  2. DKellis says:


    Being that I haven't actually, yanno, finished the game (or even gotten past a significant portion), I'd hesitate to recommend this game or otherwise, if only because first impressions can be deceiving.

    I'd say that if one doesn't understand most of it, then it depends on how much one would like watching bishoujos doing whatever it is they do. If that is worth the cost of the game, then more power, but personally for me, I'd probably think hard before buying something I wouldn't get the full enjoyment out of.

    There's always the demo option, after all.

  3. meow says:

    Game is definitely recommendable. Though I have only played with "engrish" translations of the game and only understand 50% of what is going on, the game stresses actual story over just plain H-scenes. Each character has their own arc that you progress to depending on your action/choices, so it has very high replay value aswell.

    I think this is an underrated title, I can't believe that there is no unofficial language patch out or not one single page dedicated to this game.

  4. Mr.V says:

    The opening of this game is pretty nice. does anyone know someone who dedicated to translate this game? . I can understand most of japanese words, but i can't read kanji ;(

  5. Kosmos says:

    i was woundering where i could get this game from in england. also i have a friend who would like more pics of Krile Shikishima please email me back.

  6. Ruzarko says:

    Ive been playing this game for a couple of days but really ive just been watching the actions of the girls and trying to decipher whats going on since i jus downloaded the whole game off a torrent(internet FTW :D) so i dont understand anything but a english translation wud be nice since im on the edge of the seat trying to understand what there saying. I only know a few words of japanese and thts just off watching anime so a little help wud be nice

  7. Christopher says:

    Hey, a friend of mine – female, part japanese – was interested in this game, and was wondering how to get it – not living in japan and being under 18, so I was just interested if anyone would be able to send it to me – either hosting on sendspace/rapidshare etc or over msn.

    My email is aus_zeeko@hotmail.com, thanks.

  8. (A)Wraith says:

    why does Krile Shikishima have a tail…
    oh and like kosmos says more pics of Krile that would be grate

  9. (A)Wraith says:

    k i've found some videos on youtube that are pretty good and from that i would have to say that krile just looks young

  10. someone says:

    I haven't finished the game but it seems krile actually has an adult form (which you actually get to see in the game) but she is somehow stuck in her loli form? So she is actually the same age as everyone but some sort of magic… i dont know i will have to play her route first. It's a good bishojou game and a nice change of pace from the other games.

  11. Marcus.P says:

    I just saw the beginning of this, what seems to be a, digital interactive graphic novel, on YouTube, for what kind of platforms is it available and.. would it be possible for someone who just knows a few words, passed down by anime, to play it, the genre is the least of my worries, the same goes for money.

  12. cherry girl says:

    Is the guy on the second picture the lead character (Shizuma, if I'm right)? he kinda' looks like a cross between Negi Springfield and Uchiha Sasuke. do you really get to see him naked!? *blush*

  13. Zetsubou Onna says:

    WAAAA~~~~~ This game is not what I expected…nooooo….
    well just to tell you guys i am a 15 year old girl. Simply put i'm Japanese. welll~
    i thought the game was beautiful~~ but to find out this was an eroge…. is a shock…
    when bad things happened…i couldn't help but stare in amazement!!!! this game is truly
    worth every complement it received. oh i first played getting the arc with Kururu so i was
    naturally shocked. as i am a loli too!!! TT3TT still i wouldnt say i didn't have fun!

  14. Veiven Guy says:

    how to get this game hahah i wanna play and i am not friend japan ^^

  15. michiyo23 says:

    hello there…ooooHHH THANK GOD I FOUND the characters tnx to u a lot! i thought its a anime show its only a game eh??? the characters are so cute! if you'll min to add me in friendster nanashi_23@yahoo.com and in yahoo messenger or msn csoriano99@yahoo.com bye take care its really a good thing…take care…more power!

  16. lynnorz says:

    aw, i so want an english version of this… though i heard this was a hentai game i don't really care, it seems so cute XD

  17. switch2 says:

    Oh my god I want this game and im only 13 years old I don't really care if it's an H game I really want it rofl xDD

  18. Sourside says:

    Game is definitely recommendable. Though I have only played with “engrish” translations of the game and only understand 50% of what is going on, the game stresses actual story over just plain H-scenes. Each character has their own arc that you progress to depending on your action/choices, so it has very high replay value aswell.

    Hey, wher'd you find an "engrish" translation for this game?
    That would definitely be a lot better than playing the game knowing no japanese at all whatsoever.

    Any help with a translation for this game would be much appreciated, ^_^

  19. Al says:

    This games pretty good, i recently got it and finished the Makina route through alot of engrish translation after failing countless times in her route when you get through it its really nice, rather than the normal H scenes you do explore alot about the character and that its not linear as most H-games this has alot of choices.

  20. Hakugei says:

    I would like to know where to get the "engrish" translation =/, i have the game already but its a bit hard since i can just understand what are they saying but cant read the kanjis xD so can you plz tell me where to get the engrish translation? =3 please? my email is ares_187@hotmail.com can you answer me? D:

  21. Alfer says:

    Yeah…. Engrish is better than nothing. can email me? many thanks.


  22. Haruki says:

    Too cute! I wish Lump of Sugar made another game! although Tayutama is a very good game.

  23. Anon says:

    You can use 'AGTH' and 'Atlas' to automatically translate the game to "Engrish". You can google for more information or read the tutorial here http://fhcofbrasil.googlepages.com/AGTHTUTORIAL-INDEX.htm

  24. Damon Green says:

    I feel that it would be a very recommendable game though the price should be from 50-(35 or in the 40) range and characters are very cute in particular and that even if its a H game there isn't very much H or sex in the game until very late in the story once the girls start warming up their own feelings toward Shizuma (sorry if I got the name wrong) but anyways its still a great game and that Lump of Sugar should be able to produce another game hopefully and the only downfall toward this game is that sure Shizuma is speechless for the first few chapters or scene transitions and that this is kanji there's only minor flaws toward this its a great game I highly recommend this

  25. Nami says:

    I actually own this game. i haven't really reached and hentai parts yet, but so far apart from my terrible translations it is a wonderful game! there is a way to get the full version and play for free. you can e-mail me and ask me for the site if you want. my e-mail is nomiverly13@gmail.com