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If you've been wondering, yes, I haven't had the time recently to really let loose on my blogging. I've managed to keep my promise of at least two posts a week, but again, it's not really that difficult to accomplish, since I can just throw out something like this in five minutes.

The Spring Season is coming up soon enough, and I've marked down a few shows that I'd probably be following, if not blogging. There's obviously Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, and Lucky Star, but I imagine that everyone else is going to be following those shows as well. Other than that, I think that it's safe to say that I'll be at least watching the first episode of most of the more moe-looking romantic comedies, and staying away from the Dark and Serious series unless there's something Relevant To My Interests in there, like cute girls and humourous school-days situations.

Yes, I'm shallow like that. I see it this way: since I'm watching anime to entertain myself, I may as well enjoy what anime I watch, rather than suffer through something I clearly do not like in some vague effort to "improve myself". When I stop enjoying watching anime, it ceases to be a hobby, and then there's not much point in continuing to watch it.

On a completely unrelated note, I discussed with a friend the concept of a Sailor Moon character called Sailor /b/tard. We got as far as determining her(?) main attack (SHOOP DA WOOP), her animal mascot (Longcat), and her power level (OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND *crush scouter*), before realizing what we hath wrought.

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Playing with Fate.

Once again, in lieu of an actual post, I come with a short ramble on a doujin game introduced to me by Rankendrake, titled Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Danmaku STG. I'll probably be doing that Spring Season Anime post when the Spring Season actually starts, since I know Absolutely Nothing about most of the upcoming anime. (Well, except for StrikerS, which is slightly relevant to this post anyway.)

The game, as the name suggests, is a danmaku top-down shooter based (loosely) on Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's, with projectiles covering pretty much all of the screen at times. The game has a wide variety of difficulty levels ranging from Very Easy to Nightmare; I used Very Easy for these screenshots because I have no idea what the Pause key was, and it was the only way I could grab screenshots and not, yanno, die. Yes, I suck at games like these.

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SOS Host Club.

You know the drill by now. Animania screening, lack of anything else to blog about, views expressed are not the official stance but my personal ones, so on and so forth.

In bold once again for Maximum Exposure: April 7th 2007, from 1600h to 2359h. Yes, we're aware that it's the day before Easter. This may or may not cause a few problems, but que sera and all that. Admission is free, raffle tickets (to support the club) is one dollar each, and I am still tall(ish), Asian, and trying to cricketize the world one exposure to the SOS Brigade logo at a time.

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This entry is part 8 of 20 in the series CCS Episode Summaries

Title Screencap

I believe the last time I said that volume two of Card Captor Sakura only had the creditless first ending animation for an extra. When opening the DVD case for the last episode on the disc, however, I discovered a postcard that was packaged inside the case. Basically, it's this picture (which I posted back during Valentine's Day), except with a few changes to the background, a large "Happy Valentine's Day" at the top, and a small CCS logo at the bottom right. So there's an extra, um, extra. I may scan it in if I ever get my scanner working again.

Episode 8 of CCS, "Sakura's Rival Appears", introduces Li Syaoran (also often romanized as "Shaoran", and it really is the same thing; I'm just used to "Syaoran"), perpetually-scowling kid from Hong Kong who seems to have a better grasp of Japanese than most ten-year old Hong Kong kids. (Not to mention the whole bit about his name being technically in Mandarin instead of Cantonese.) While he does turn up as a rival, I think it's safely far past the statute of spoiler limitations to say that he doesn't stay as a rival for very long.

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Ready to fight.

For a change from my usual listlessness and apathy, this time I do have something I want to say, but I am actually restraining myself from saying it. I suppose this paradox stems from my not really knowing why I have this blog in the first place: I want to be able to let my thoughts and opinions be heard, but I also want it to remain all inoffensive and unobtrusive. And so when an issue like this arises, I find myself just bursting with things to say, but not actually daring to point fingers and use harsh language. I don't like conflict, but what I have to say will probably entail some amount of conflict sometime in the future.

So I'm sure most have heard of the recent kerfluffle about KyoAni's decision to animate Clannad. The progenitor, so to speak, would be this Freezeframe commentary on Random Curiosity. Now, I have my own opinions about Freezeframe's history of controversy, but I have to at least maintain a semblance of professional courtesy. Putting that aside, the issue here is that KyoAni is now making an anime from Key's Clannad game, and some believe that this is, and I quote from the original post, "a total waste of ability and resources". Some others disagree.

(In fairness, the original Freezeframe did mention that KyoAni doing Key works may well be a good thing. However, the phrasing used could definitely have been improved to be less, well, condescending. But since I've already made my criticisms of the Freezeframe commentaries before, I guess the author has already taken it under advisement.)

Myself, I have my own opinions about the whole issue. Well, perhaps not so much opinions as a sort of burning rage of a thousand suns into which puppies covered in napalm have been violently thrust that is only tangential to the actual animation of Clannad. But as mentioned, I have to maintain calm and rationality, because to actually vent and let loose to my feelings would be impolite. It will not be nice. And considering that the entire point of my blog deals with an aspect of anime that many people wish to see forever erased from existence, and have said as much, I think that I should probably not throw away any advantages I might accrue from a reputation of being mostly harmless.

Just in case any of the unconscious vitriol leaks through, though, I will have to warn that anything below the cut is likely to be less judiciously edited for tone of voice, if not content.

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From episode 7.

Like many blog posts wherein I talk about something close to my heart, I started and restarted this entry many, many times, trying as hard as possible to get it just right. There comes a time, however, when I have to stop, step back, look at it, and realize that either I spend the rest of my life working on this, and never actually finish it… or I should just post it anyway, dissatisfied about it though I may be, feeling that I could have improved it in a hundred different ways but never actually knowing how. A poor, pale shadow of the platonic ideal of the tribute I envisioned in my mind.

I've been told that I should maybe make it something like an essay, with well-defined points and screencaps to back up my assertions. I tried that approach, but quickly felt stifled and restricted, mostly because with a topic such as this, I'd much rather be able to convey my passion, my love for the subject, rather than a dry, clinical statement, thoroughly researched and as free of errors as any actual academic paper.

But maybe that's why an essay might have been a better idea: it's difficult to put emotions and feelings into words, and to convey these feelings, to make a reader experience the same feelings as the author. It's easier, perhaps, to win over readers by use of logic rather than rhetoric, or at least safer. Emotions are a very personal thing.

I've decided, in any case, to just go with the flow, to write what I want, and let my own meagre writing skills be the outlet for the rather extreme fanboyism regarding my favourite character in my favourite anime, Tomoyo Daidouji from Card Captor Sakura.

The following will assume knowledge of the series, both in anime and manga. If you'd rather not be spoiled or utterly confused, it's probably not a good idea to read any further. (Well, more utterly confused than you already are.)

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Contributing to the downfall of The Internets.

Well, that explains the Slimstat Top Search Strings results.

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Mic test nya~

For an anime blog, I don't really review a lot of anime.

So once again I've obtained another eroge, this time Nursery Rhyme by Lump of Sugar. I first heard about this game from the now-infamous Code Geass parody, and felt that the opening theme was the sort of indicator of exactly the sort of moe sugary-sweet romantic comedy story I have a weakness for. You know, bright colours, happy school days, predictable and yet amusing situations, one nice guy being dragged around by lots of cute girls, the like. I suppose what I'm really looking for is a cute love story without the angst, but still interesting enough to watch.

The primary problem I have with playing this game is that it's not translated. My Japanese is obtained entirely from watching anime and what horrible grades in Chinese I managed to get, which helps slightly in kanji recognition, but hardly matters when the characters start ranting in a torrent of complicated kanji. Therefore, I've really only been clicking through the text boxes and listening to the characters speak, in an effort to glean some understanding of the situations based on context.

I haven't finished (or am even near finishing) the game yet, and so I can't really give a proper full review. (Not that I can do that anyway.) Still, thus far I haven't gotten to even one outright H scene (just the way I like it), and there were a few bits which made me chuckle, if only because it's the sort of humour I'm partial to.

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Half-baked attempt?

One of the perennial ideas I get when I run out of ideas to blog about is the meta: namely, blogging about blogging. It's another aspect of the bottomless well of inspiration that comes of talking about myself, and so, when I find myself at a loss for something of actual substance to post, I can always ramble on about how I don't actually have anything to post, and yet end up with several hundred words anyway.

I'd rather not do this sort of thing too often. This is, after all, an anime blog, rather than a blog about blogging. I would imagine that what readers come to this blog do so in the expectation of seeing something about, well, anime. Having a self-absorbed ramble that is only slightly and tenuously connected to the merest hint of anime may be tolerated, perhaps once or twice, but it would be wise not to test the limits of the reader's patience by turning this into a blog about my life, online or otherwise, with the occasional picture thrown in for variety or something.

Still, I suppose I can indulge myself just this once, to get it out of my system or some such. And so, for lack of anything actually meaningful to say, I'll present the steps involved in creating a post for this blog:

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Breakfast time.

A recent lament on the #AnimeBlogger channel about the apparent dearth of a certain type of bishoujo games, namely the sort which had a happy, cheery story, and yet didn't focus on sex, resulted in my being introduced to Heart de Roommate. (It also resulted in another post in my drafts folder being discarded for inaccuracy, mainly for the assertion that "there's no such thing". But that's another matter.) Thanks to Xebek for the recommendation.

Heart de Roommate is a fun bishoujo game, with gameplay typical of its genre (one needs to make only a few choices in the entire game), albeit still adult. One gets the impression that the ero scenes were tacked on because the makers, Angel Smile, felt that it was expected of them. I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to link to any way to obtain the game, largely because of the "no H content or links thereof" clause in the TOS. It's pretty safe to say that if you Google it, you'll be able to find some place that stocks it, so I'll leave it to your resourcefulness.

The game itself plays out much like a very standard harem comedy anime, and indeed I think it may map well onto an anime made from it, with the H-scenes removed. I counted three outright H-scenes per scenario in the entire game, although there were a couple of cases of nudity, mostly boob-grabbing sequences (female-to-female, even), and one other case of nudity later in the game that might have to be rewritten. Other than that, though, there's just the usual ecchi situations (improbable accidents resulting in embarrassing positions) and such.

Mostly, I can say that putting the dialogue on Auto makes it feel as though I'm watching an anime, rather than playing a game. In this case, it works.

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