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Yes, I've been quite bad at finding time for this blog. Now, the good news is that as far as I know, and I say this with the full knowledge that this is tempting fate to an unreasonable and extremely dangerous degree, things have settled down some, and I'll be able to turn my attention back to this blog. Even so, the future holds many mysteries for those brave enough to peer into its opaque depths, and as pointed out, fate has been tempted, and may yet rise to the challenge.

In any case, to further cement this blog's as-yet-nascent reputation for being a CCS-centric blog (through no deliberate decision on my part, I assure you), I should probably ramble a bit (albeit a bit unfavourably) about the series many people seem to expect me to like for its featuring of CCS characters, except not really: Tsubasa Chronicle.

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