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And that's the last "wood" joke you'll hear from me in this entry.

Episode 4 of CCS, "Sakura's Tiring Sunday", shows us the consequences of not following the user manual, or ignoring tech support. Well, actually it's just Sakura forgetting to write her name on a pair of cards, causing them to go wild. Or something.

I have to assume that the writing of the name is more a symbolic ritual than anything, since Sakura writes "SAKURA" in English on the cards (why English, instead of kanji or hiragana, is never really explained), and I'm pretty sure there's more than one Sakura around. Some may even have magical powers as well, unless we're not allowed to crossover with Fate/Stay Night or Da Capo, in which case never mind.

Overall, a fun little episode, but not especially earth-shaking or portentous.

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