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Title screencap.

Pioneer (now Geneon), in their infinite generosity and wisdom, had apparently decided to package the Card Captor Sakura DVDs with titles, but no volume numbers. Well, I'm grateful that they released it in the first place, rather than leave it to Nelvana's butchered version. But still.

I'm not sure if the new re-release is better. I don't even want to think about how much I could have saved buying them all now, rather than one DVD at a time.

So volume one is called "The Clow", contains four episodes, and it has the following blurb:

Curiosity is a part of any 10-year old's life, but Sakura just broke the seal on a magical book and released all of the mischievous spirits imprisoned on the cards inside! Kero, the "Guardian of the Clow Cards" is horrified to find all of the cards gone and tells Sakura she must become the "Cardcaptor" and retrieve the spirits before they work their mischief in the world.

Not too inaccurate. The Clow Cards seem to limit their presence mostly around the Tomoeda area, though, which is quite considerate of them. In any case, the extras on this DVD are Sakura's character info blurb, the creditless first opening animation, and the Nelvana Cardcaptors opening. Which, um, is kind of painful to watch. But enough of that.

The first episode of CCS, "Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book", sets up most of the necessary character introductions, and has Sakura defeat her first monster-of-the-week. You can already tell that the show is pacing itself for the long run.

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