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Waiting for...

As I've mentioned before, I wasn't exactly the most outgoing or interesting person in the class back in high school (equivalent). I didn't stand out at all, and I didn't really make much effort to do so. This wasn't to say that I was completely apathetic of my lack of presence, since I wanted to be Unique and Known and Popular, but I think that made me even more normal, since every teenager, sooner or later and for varying periods of time, wanted the same. In any case, I think I was already aware, back then, of how futile it would be to try to stand out in a positive way, to have an Interesting School Life.

Maybe if I had chosen a different seat, though, the fates would have aligned and I'd have discovered a secret book hidden in the deepest recesses of the library (gods knew I spent more than enough time in there; the librarian specifically informed me that over the course of a year, I borrowed over eight hundred books, albeit some of them repeats) with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions on how to WIELD ZE POWAH OF MAGIC or something. How To Fire Eye-Beams For Dummies, maybe.

Research into various school days anime seems to show an intriguing correlation between seating position in class and the probability of Main Character status. Now, note that it appears to only increase the probability, rather than turn it into a certainty, and it seems to affect only Main Character status, rather than Side Character. It helps if you're seated near the Main Character in order to achieve Significant Side Character rank, if only due to increased proximity, but this is not always a given.

So, which is the best seat to choose if one wishes to have a greater chance at an Interesting School Life?

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Battle Programmer Mei.

It's been a busy past few days, and it's likely to get even busier. I've rather messed up my sleep schedule, and that's not even with gaming or whatever. Everything is due to obligations to other people, although to be fair I could technically turn down some of them, since they're not really that essential, and might be classified under "hobby activities". But still.

But I'll still be doing two posts a week at minimum. Well, it's not as though it's a very strenuous goal to reach.

I've been trying to pace myself out a bit, so that I don't burn out of anime blogging quickly and irretrievably. Apparently one commonly-accepted test to see whether an anime blog will survive for the near future is whether it lasts beyond a month. I don't personally foresee any problems with this, but it's not like I can see the future with any clarity. Or at all, for that matter.

In any case, this is nothing more than an excuse to post something. Anime Blogging has never really been something I've thought of as What I Do, but rather What Other People Do. I'm trying to identify myself as an anime blogger, rather than just someone who thinks of something and posts that with no consideration of inadvertantly spamming the post aggregators with useless and trivial words that don't even deserve to be called "thoughts". They're like Thoughts Lite. Diet Thinking, maybe, with eighty percent less substance.

Or maybe I'm thinking about this too much. I've been told it's a character flaw.

Also, apparently Mei codes in hexadecimal.

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