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I've forgotten the exact first time I watched my first episode of Card Captor Sakura. Fuzzy memory places it at sometime around the time I was first discovering what anime actually was, watching Ranma 1/2. Or maybe it was later, whether I didn't recognize the television listing as anime at first, or if I had casually dismissed it out of hand.

I do know that I first realized how deeply I was entrenched in my love for CCS sometime in late 2003. I had definitely seen at least some of it before then, since I distinctly remember it as "going back to the anime I watched before". And so I watched it, and it remains my favourite anime of all time to this day.

Card Captor Sakura is a fairly long series, at seventy TV episodes and two movies (and a few other short extras). The number of cards Sakura has to capture grew from nineteen in the twelve-volume manga to fifty-three in the anime. Some plot points were changed, others remained largely the same, but the anime and manga are largely seen to be more or less equal in quality, or at least popularity. There's also the panned Nelvana dubbing into Cardcaptors, but that's the last I'll mention it. The debates are ancient by Internet standards, if not prehistoric.

Most people I know who don't have a visceral hatred of all things magical girl don't have anything bad to say about CCS, or at least nothing seriously bad. It's a charming show, a tad bit more mature than it would appear to be, but never losing sight of its brightness or good cheer. It's sugary sweet, but seldom saccharine, and it's the sort of cute that can be bottled and weaponized.

It's the embodiment of moe. And it's one of the main reasons why I started this blog in the first place.

I'll be blogging all seventy episodes and two movies of Card Captor Sakura, which will last me for quite a while. I'm not going to be focusing exclusively on it to the exception of all else, of course, but if there comes a time when I need to post an entry and I'm blanking on anything more current to blog about, out comes the CCS entry.

The format will likely be as much Episode Summary as I can stomach, with a heavy emphasis towards ramblings and thoughts. I've watched CCS so many times that it cannot remotely qualify as "new", and nothing in it can surprise me, but I'll never turn down any reason to rewatch it once again.

I'm blogging CCS because I want to, and it's the best way I can think of to show my love of the anime. If anyone wishes to join me, they're more than welcome to.

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