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Friends 4eva?

An episode centering around Mei and Mika this time. Considering how much focus Mei has had, I'd say that she's right up there with Mika and Manabi when it comes to character importance. She does have the most obvious character hooks, what with her very tsundere feel: a very harsh and humourless exterior, with an insecure and shy base personality, and either innately competent in studies, or highly motivated (driven, perhaps) to be competent.

As for Mikan (as Mika's friends call her), she's probably our Viewpoint Character, in much the same way Kyon was in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, except that the viewpoint is not so strictly limited to only our designated Viewpoint Character and nothing else. And Manabi is, of course, our title character, with all that entails.

Manabi Straight isn't really the sort of show that lends itself well to episode summaries and thoughts. Things happen, and about the best I can come up with in the end are "well, things happened". It might technically be considered slice-of-life: yes, it occurs in a future with hover-skateboards and PDAs for every high school student and declining birth rates turning into a problem for schools, and the characters have rather pronounced personality traits, but it's still just about them going through their high school life with these circumstances as best as they can together. There's usually not a lot one can say about slice-of-life anime except "things happened".

But I need to write an entry for today, and I suppose this is it.

No, this isn't going to be an episode summary as such. (Unless one really stretches the definition of "episode summary".) My loathing of taking and arranging screenshots has not abated, even with IrfanView and its handy batch-conversion/resize feature; what irritates me the most about doing screenshots is the need to decide which scene to screencap, and which to discard. After I tried taking some objectively interesting screencaps of the episode, I slowly grew more and more irritable, until I finally gave up, and decided to just use the screencaps that I personally liked, and had something to ramble on about.

Not an episode summary; not quite episode thoughts and impressions, since it assumes that you're already familiar with what happened in the episode, and I'm not so much talking about the episode as talking in general, and just using the episode as a backdrop. It's like my Livejournal, except with a thin veneer of anime.

Yes, I do like to hear the sound of my own keyboard.

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