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Annoyed Yuki.

It's fairly well-known among my friends, both online and whatever Real Life anime fans I've managed to locate, that my tastes in anime are somewhat skewed, shall we say, towards the more moe part of the anime spectrum. In fact, it's become something of a running joke: if it features female characters who look cute and a little on the young side, it immediately becomes "the sort of anime DK likes". And yes, "stay away from the loli" jokes abound.

I play along, of course. It's what friends do.

Several people have attempted to sway my tastes over to other genres. "Watch this," they say. "If you don't like it, there's something wrong with you." "This", in far, far too many cases, usually turns out to be something I don't, in fact, like. So, is there something wrong with me? How would one define "something wrong"?

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Very Utena-esque.

I'm (currently) a member of the University of Michigan Japanese Animation Society, or Animania. Basically, what we do is hold an anime screening once a month (on Saturdays), with a special Extra-Large screening near the end of the year, usually in early November or late October, called Con Ja Nai (lit: "not a con"). We show fansubs, specifically shows that haven't been licenced in the US yet (or if their licencing announcement occurs less than a week before the screening).

Directions to get to the screening are in the website, even if I can't begin to help decipher them, since I know absolutely nothing about the roads of USA. Admission is free, and the club supports itself by selling raffle tickets at one dollar each.

So what does this have to do with this anime blog (apart from the obvious membership thing)? Well, I figured that I may as well give a quick run-through of the anime we'll be showing at our next screening. The views espoused here are entirely mine; I do not, in any way, officially represent the club. In fact, my opinions are usually in the tiny minority of the club's.

Our next screening is on the 10th of February, 2007, from 1600h to 2359h. (Further screenings are on the 10th of March and 7th of April.)

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