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Pizza Power!

I realize that I don't actually have anything of substance to say today. So, as is my wont when I find myself in need of space to fill and nothing to fill it with, I'm going talk about things that make no sense even to myself.

There's just something about Code Geass that fails to grab my attention. Now, normally I'd put it down to "well, this show isn't to my tastes", but I need to write something today, so I'll try to expound on this for as many words as I can. Well, it's not like I'm being paid by the word here. Or being paid at all.

Comparisons have been made between Code Geass and Death Note, whether fairly or otherwise. One reason I don't much like Death Note is simply because it's too dark; it features People Being Mean To Each Other, which, while a fairly naive and childish thing to drop a show over, is still a perfectly valid reason in my eyes. I'd rather not keep watching an anime I clearly do not enjoy, after all.

And Code Geass is… brighter. Happier, in some ways. Yes, people die in all sorts of horrible ways, but it's part of the War Is Hell message that's been around since the Gundam series. And there are scenes of a more peaceful life, in the school days events, and when the characters aren't actively out to kill each other. Lelouch does act a lot like Light Yagami, but he's slightly less psychopathic, and he does retain some semblance of humanity, in that he does care for certain people, like his sister.

Or something. I don't know, I'm not really that interested in Lelouch. Or Kallen. Or Suzaku. Or- actually, come to think of it, there are damned few characters in the show that caught my eye.

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